Lelystad – Ameland – Texel – Lelystad: by plane!

Lelystad – Ameland – Texel – Lelystad: by plane!

FourΒ years ago, I went flying with my brother for the first time (blog here). I really wanted to go again, but somehow we could never make it work while I was in the Netherlands. But this summer we finally did, and how! We had PERFECT weather, and we decided to fly from Lelystad (where his flight club is based) to Ameland, then to Texel and then back. A day trip πŸ™‚

Jakob on his way to boarding the plane

We flew north towards Kampen, nice landscape with the meandering Ganzendiep.

Het Ganzendiep at Kampen, a branch of the IJssel river

and my brother even let me fly for a while – which I found terrifying. You have to think of so many things at the same time, I found it stressful – I guess you get used to it though. I much preferred just to look at the landscape and take photos πŸ™‚

Dutch landscapes where Overrijsel, Drenthe and Friesland meet

Here we’re flying over Friesland, and reaching the coast.


A farmer at work…

Farmer at work

Ameland, one of the five Dutch Wadden Islands.


Lots of caravans near the beach…

Crazy amount of caravans on Ameland...

HUGE beaches πŸ™‚

Huge beach at Ameland

Beautiful beach at Ameland

The lighthouse on Ameland (Bornrif), and the island Terschelling in the distance.

The lighthouse at Ameland, Terschelling in the distance

We landed on Ameland, and had lunch outside – really nice. Then we walked back to “our plane” and set off for our next stop, the island Texel!

Another photo of the beach at Ameland

I loved the play of clouds, light and sea here πŸ™‚

Love the play of the clouds, sunlight and water here :)

Windmills near Harlingen

Windmills near Harlingen

And boats leaving the harbour of Harlingen…

Boats leaving the harbour of Harlingen

The amazing Wadden Sea, where low tides brings out lots of sand banks.

The amazing Wadden Sea with lots of sand banks showing up at low tide

Mussel aquaculture near Texel…

Apparently these are for mussels - near Texel

And Texel itself πŸ™‚


This is a place I was very familiar with from cycling around Texel. I love all the different colours in the water, from green to brown to blue!

A familiar place for me on Texel, love all the different colours of the water

We landed at Texel airport, had a drink in the sunshine and watched the parachutes land. And then it was time for the final lap, back to Lelystad.

Ready for take off!

Leaving Texel…

Leaving Texel

Den Helder on the left, Texel on the right…

Den Helder on the left, Texel on the right

De Afsluitdijk, a 32 km long dike which closes off the IJsselmeer (now a lake, used to be part of the sea).

De Afsluitdijk, a 32 km long dike that closes off the IJsselmeer (now a lake, previously sea)

A big holiday park near Andijk, and nice pattern on the water.

A holiday park near Andijk, with a nice pattern on the water

Sailing boats and amazing colours on the IJsselmeer…

Sailing boats on the IJsselmeer, love the different colours in the water

The Houtribdijk, which goes from Enkhuizen to Lelystad. Even more clear colour difference here, so pretty!

The Houtribdijk from Enkhuizen to Lelystad, with even more extreme colour differences

Reaching Flevostad, a relatively new area of the Netherlands (reclaimed from the sea).

Near Lelystad

With lots of windmills and big fields for agriculture:

Flevoland and all its windmills

In for landing πŸ™‚

In for landing!

What a fantastic day!!

4 thoughts on “Lelystad – Ameland – Texel – Lelystad: by plane!

  1. wow. What a beautiful day you had for your trip. I really got an impression of how flat the Netherlands are. So many different greens on the land and blues in the sea. My favourite pictures are the sandbanks in the Wadden Sea and the long dyke, amazing.
    The other thing I noticed was how neat and tidy the landscape looked, everywhere not just the newly reclaimed parts. Are all Dutch people really really tidy?!

    1. Thanks! The Netherlands is mostly very flat indeed – often people would tell me that Norfolk is as flat as the Netherlands, but it’s nowhere near πŸ˜€
      And I do think it’s true that Dutch people are very tidy! Especially outside the cities. I never realized until I moved abroad πŸ˜‰

  2. Wauw, supermooi!! Die foto van de boer op z’n land is echt prachtig. Zou ik zo uitvergroot in m’n huis willen hangen.

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