Sunset from Paradisbukta

Sunset from Paradisbukta

Summer seems to be slowly coming to an end, but there are still plenty of nice days. Today I cycled to Paradisbukta on Bygdøy to watch the sunset.

My favourite tree :)

View of Paradisbukta and the setting sun.


The view from the rock that I was sitting on, enjoying the sunset and reading a book.

The view from my rock

Kids were playing in the water and jumping of a platform.

Sunset while a group of kids plays in the water

After sunset, all turned pastel…

Soft colours after sunset

A last view of Paradisbukta before cycling home…

A last view of Paradisbukta

What a beautiful evening!

I still have a lot of holiday photos I would like to share, but work is very busy and I haven’t had much time. Hopefully soon!

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