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A sunny weekend in Oslo

A sunny weekend in Oslo

A week ago I had visitors: not only Michiel, but his mum, sister and sister’s boyfriend came to Oslo! The weather has been really sad and grey this winter, I was really getting fed up of all the grey low clouds. I was so excited when the weather forecast showed sun for this weekend: excellent!

Michiel and his mum arrived on Friday afternoon, and we went to visit the Viking Ship Museum that I hadn’t been to yet. I really enjoyed it, very impressive to see the big ships and I loved the way they made the museums – it’s almost like a church. And the shadows were the best…

The Viking Ship Museum - loved the shadows

Viking Ship Panorama

After we were done at the museum, we walked to Paradisbukta where we enjoyed the sunshine and did some people (and dog) watching…

Michiel and his mum at Paradisbukta

Michiel and his mum at Paradisbukta

We watched ferries go by, and people with dogs

We walked along the fields, I really love how you can feel like you’re taking a walk in the countryside at Bygdøy, while actually you’re in central Oslo. So pretty…

I love how you can feel like you're taking a walk in the countryside at Bygdøy, while you're actually in central Oslo

Jessica and Sander arrived later in the evening. On Saturday we got up early, as we had a lot planned for the day! We started at my favourite place: Vigelandsparken. Never fails to impress. I have been there so many times now, but I still discover new details and I never get bored. And it looks extra good with blue skies and sunshine!


Vigelandsparken - I have visited many time but I still discover new details and still get impressed

My favourite sculpture: the dancing girl with the wild hair

The most famous sculpture in the park, the angry baby

We then walked to the Royal Palace, and continued into the city centre.

In front of the Royal Palace

Of course we visit the Opera building, where you can walk on the roof. It’s such an amazing building, inside and outside.

Starting to climb the roof of the Opera

Jess and Sander on the roof of the Opera

View from the Opera - what a beautiful day!

There was still a thin layer of ice on the fjord… and a lot of cranes surrounding the Opera, as they’re building a new library and a new Munch museum next to the Opera.

The Opera - plus a lot of cranes as they are building a new library and a new Munch museum next to the Opera

Portrait in front of the Opera

Near the Opera there’s a new art project: wooden A-frames based on the structures they dry (stock)fish on in Northern Norway. Some of them had sounds of whales and dolphins coming out of them. Quite cool!

A frame art near the Opera

We continued to Akershus fortress…

Akershus Festning

And then the murals inside the City Hall, always impressive. And free to visit!

Michiel in front of one of the many murals inside Oslo city hall

Jess took a photo of us :)

More murals and more Michiel :D

Oslo City Hall

I love this mural, it continues even on the ceiling

We walked around Tjuvholmen, had a very nice lunch there, and then took a bus to visit the waterfall in Akerselva.

All of us in front of the waterfall at Akerselva

From there we followed the river to Mathallen where we had some drinks in Smelteverken, “the longest bar in Scandinavia”. Afterwards we walked back into town again, where we had dinner. And walked home. We walked almost 20 km that day!! And we managed to see everything that Michiel has seen on all his visits combined PLUS some places that he hadn’t seen yet (Akershus fortress, and the city hall murals). Not bad for one day!

They left the next morning, when the weather also decided to turn grey. Never mind, we had made the most of the sunshine!

Bygdøy Sunset

Bygdøy Sunset

Happy 2017! Here’s to lots of love, good health and fun adventures 🙂

I have a lot of photos waiting to be posted, but for now just a series of photos I took today. It was a grey and foggy day, but the clouds were supposed to clear in the afternoon. I took a gamble and cycled to Paradisbukta on Bygdøy in the hope of a nice sunset. I got so much more than I was hoping for – AMAZING colours, and such a beautiful place to watch it from. Enjoy 🙂

Sunset from Bygdøy - this is what it looked like when I arrived

Soon it started to look like this - wow!

I wasn't the only one admiring the sunset

Beautiful colours in all directions


I couldn't stop taking photos

And of course in Norway there is always someone having a campfire and grilling sausages!

October in Oslo

October in Oslo

Some photos taken in and around Oslo earier this month, when Michiel was visiting me 🙂

The Royal Palace at sunset…

The Royal Palace at sunset

In front of the palace with Michiel :)

On Saturday we went for a walk in Oslomarka, starting from Tryvannshøgda and ending at Holmenkollen. The weather was beautiful, and there were still some autumn colours left…

Autumn in Marka

Michiel in the forest 🙂

Michiel in the sunshine

At Skjennungen…


We had a nice break at Skjennungstua with some very tasty cinnemon rolls. After that we continued our walk on “blue paths” (blåstien, hiking paths with blue markers, they don’t follow the dirt roads and are of variable quality 😉 ).

The path, or rather, collection of tree roots ;)

The clouds were quite special that day, and I noticed there was some cloud iridescence – rainbow colours in the clouds.

Cloud iridescence! Although not that visible in this photo...

At first I thought it was just an effect of my sunglasses, but it wasn’t! This zoomed in photo shows it more clearly…

Zoomed in it's easier to see the cloud iridescence!

We walked past Frønsvollen (which I first visited with Marie a year ago, see here). It is such a nice place…


Especially with the open views. The mast on the left is Tryvann, where we started our walk.

Frønsvollen panorama, with our starting point (the mast at Tryvann) on the left

My car was parked at Holmenkollen, so we continued down the hill. We took a path which wasn’t even signposted, but suddenly this view over Oslo opened up – fantastic!

Surprise: suddenly we had an amazing view over Oslo

For the last part of the walk we followed the roller skiing trail (yes that’s a thing, and really popular too!).

The view from the roller ski track

We walked past the Holmenkollen Chapel at sunset – so pretty…

The Holmenkollen Chapel at sunset

On Sunday we watched the very orange sunset from the roof of the opera house…

A very orange sunset from the opera house

They are building a lot around the Opera, a new library and the new Munch museum – lots of cranes!

Panorama with a lot of cranes, they are building a huge new library and the new Munch museum here

We also went inside the Opera, I love this building 🙂

Panorama inside the Opera - amazing building!

Great weekend! 🙂