The Netherlands: dunes & beaches

The Netherlands: dunes & beaches

I spent two weeks in the Netherlands in July (more photos to come soon!), and of course I visited the dunes and the beach several times. I grew up with this National Park Zuid-Kennemerland in my backyard, and I love this area!

One sunny Sunday afternoon I went to the beach with my mum.

Beach panorama - I loved the clouds!

It was windy, but warm, and I enjoyed a refreshing swim!

Relaxed Sunday afternoon at the beach

A rare selfie with my mum…

Selfie with my mum :)

The dunes are constantly changing, and they have now let some of the dunes “free”, meaning the sand can move with the wind and at times cross the cycle path.

At this cycle path there is a sign that warns for dunes crossing the road ;)

This sign is new, I love it! The text says: “Healthy: nice outside”. Doesn’t really work in English I guess…

I love this new sign they put up!

Later in the week I took a friend on an evening bike ride, and this is the view we had at het Vogelmeer (the bird lake) – so pretty!

Het Vogelmeer, or bird lake, on a really nice evening

There’s a bird hide there, and we watched lots of bird, included this great crested grebe (fuut in Dutch) feeding its young.

We watched this great crested grebe (fuut in Dutch) feed its young

On one of my last nights in the Netherlands I went for a last swim at the beach. The one time I didn’t take my camera (only my mobile), and we got such a fantastic sunset…

Sunset from the beach

Relaxing in the sand after going for a swim…

Relaxing after a swim

And a panorama of the sunset:

Sunset panorama taken with my phone - wish I had brought my camera that night!

I also saw lots of wildlife during these visits: several foxes and deer, the Scottish Highlanders and horses that are grazing in the park, rabbits. You’ll have to take my word for it though, as I didn’t mention to take photos of that 😉

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