Cycling around Maridalsvannet

Cycling around Maridalsvannet

Today I went for a long bike ride (nearly 35 km) through the forest and around Maridalsvannet, a large lake north of Oslo (and the source the city’s drinking water).

This is before I got to Maridalsvannet though, a much smaller lake in the forest…

A small lake in the middle of the forest

Spectacular view over Maridalsvannet – so pretty!

Great view over Maridalsvannet!

I wasn’t the only one out for a bike ride on this sunny Sunday 🙂

Lots of cyclists around on a sunny Sunday

Parts of the ride went through farmlands, I loved it! There were lots of flowers around as well, and I particularly enjoyed cycling downhill with the wind in my hair and the sweet smell of flowers in my nose – life is good 😀

Cycling through farmlands

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