Sørtinden & Reindeer

Sørtinden & Reindeer

We had beautiful clear and calm weather all week, but it was going to change during the weekend. Luckily, it took a while for the clouds to roll in, and I managed to make the most of a beautiful Saturday morning 🙂 I went up Sørtinden on foot, there was very little snow and it was hard and icy so you didn’t need ski’s or snowshoes. Easy!

Beautiful pink sky over Kvaløya on my way to Sørtinden Hello Sun!

It was very windy at times, and on the top I had to shelter behind the cairn to avoid freezing within seconds!

It was very windy at times! Beautiful views from the very windy top

The colour of the sky towards the north was amazing though…

Panorama from the top, with the island Vengsøya on the left

I couldn’t stop taking photos of the sky, and the sunlight on the peaks of Lyngen 🙂

I sheltered behind the cairn and couldn't stop taking photos of the amazing sky Sunlight on the peaks of Lyngen

I took a different route down, and I met two reindeer who I followed for a while…

Hey, two reindeer I followed them around for a while

Until they were joined by the rest of the herd! They were so busy eating they didn’t seem too bothered by my presence.

And there is the rest of the herd! The reindeer were too busy eating to be bother by me

It was beautiful to spend time with them, and the fantastic colours in the sky provided a nice backdrop 🙂

The colour of the sky was so pretty! Bye bye reindeer!

What a nice trip, glad I made the most of a clear morning 🙂

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