Welcome back, sunshine!

Welcome back, sunshine!

One thing I love about Tromsø is how living here makes you appreciate lots of things you take for granted elsewhere. Like sunshine! When the sun comes back at the end of January it has been absent for two months. Those first rays of sunlight are pure magic, it feels so good to finally see the sun and I imagine I can already feel its warmth (SUMMER! Hmm not for a while, but we’re going in the right direction 😉 ).

Today is the official “soldagen” in Tromsø, the day where the sun reaches the steps to the cathedral in town (or something like that). My work is on top of the island, so we got to see the sun 2 days earlier 😉 but today Signe and I went for a walk to Prestvannet today to soak up all the sunshine we could find 😀

Pink sunlight on the peaks of Kvaløya Tromsdaltinden, Prestvannet, and the sun - this is about as high as the sun got today

The sun seemed huge today! It still doesn’t reach very high, so it “rises” and “sets” several times behind the mountain peaks in the distance.

Signe and the sun Oh we are so glad to see you!

Signe and me and the SUN!

I also wanted to share this photo. The airport in Tromsø bought one of my pictures to decorate a wall in the airport, and it’s HUGE – about 9 meters wide and 3 m high. Last Friday I was invited for lunch at the airport, so I could see my photo – I was so impressed 😀

My photo at the airport :)

5 thoughts on “Welcome back, sunshine!

  1. Beautiful photos and congrats for the big one at the airport.

  2. Dear Hanneke
    I was in Tos last week and saw the phantastic photo on the airport.
    I LOVE it!
    Are there smaller versions abailable for purchase…. 2 x 1 meter or so. Or ist the file available so i could printout myself.
    Thanks for infos and have a nice day.
    From Switzerland, Jo

    1. Dear Jo,

      THANK YOU!! That is very nice to hear 🙂 And yes, a smaller version can be arranged – I’ll email you with the details!
      Have a nice day 🙂

  3. Dear Hanneke!

    I don’t have followed your site for a long time, but when I can, your photos are always awesome! 🙂
    Congratulations for the photo in Tromsø airport!
    Take care,

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