A Cold Christmas

A Cold Christmas

I came back from a long trip to Brazil a week ago. From summer, plenty of sunshine and 25-35 degrees I went to winter, no sunlight and -10 degrees – good thing I spent some days in the Netherlands on my way north, or the shock might have been too much 😀

I can’t complain though, it’s been really pretty in Tromsø. I’ve mostly been at work, but on Tuesday I managed to go for a short walk in my lunch break. I went to Prestvannet, which was a winter wonderland…

Rime on a bench View of frozen Prestvannet

There were huge rime crystals everywhere, perfect conditions to try out my new lens, which has a great macro function…

Orange skies to the south Beautiful ice crystals!

Rime against the blue/orange sky View towards Tromsdalstinden

Yesterday I had a day off and I walked around the south tip of Tromsø island to soak in the beautiful twilight colours in the south 🙂

Twilight colours on Christmas Eve Christmas Eve


Stay tuned for photos from my month in Brazil! 🙂

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