Long time no blog! October just flew by, I’ll try to post some photos soon. The snow came early to Tromsø this year, and it wasn’t even destroyed by 2 days of rain. Last Saturday, we decided to take the cable car and make the most of a very nice day 🙂 The views were spectacular, as always – but the clouds were really special that day…

This view never gets boring! Tromsø from Storsteinen Tromsø from near the top of Fløya

We walked up to Fløya, we could have skied but the snow was very hard and icy and I prefer to walk anyway. The views from Fløya were magical, the low sun was already colouring all the surrounding mountain tops.

From Fløya, looking towards Tromsdalstinden. Fun weather fact: the cloud with the white top in the middle is a lonely little snow shower that moved north all the way from Vesterålen View towards Malangen

On the way back we stopped at Steinbøhytte, which was still free of snow inside. The snow had built up on one side, but it can get much worse.

Self exposure portrait on top :) (I should have waited until my face returned to its normal colour, haha) Paul in front of Steinbøhytte

The sky was just so pretty, I had to stop all the time to take more photos. This one is taken at 14:15 (too early for sunset!), while we were racing to make the 14:30 cable car back down…

A very pretty sunset, painfully early though! This was at 14:15...

…because I had an evening shift at work waiting for me 🙁 Never mind, even at work I could keep taking photos. They asked me to take a photo of our new fancy sign (with our new fancy logo!). Of course I had to include Rudi, our resident polar bear…

After our hike, I had to go to work. Meet Rudi, our resident polar bear. Oh and we have a fancy new logo and new sign :)

We’re losing 10 minutes of daylight every day now, so it’s extra important to soak up as much sunshine as we can in the coming weeks 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fløya

  1. Welcome back, Hanneke! I am always amazed how positive you stay in the climate surrounding you. I guess the natural beauty compensates for all the darkness and the cold! :o) Any plans to visit the UK?

    1. Thanks Anjci! Yes, the beauty of the light here compensates for a lot – but “mørketid” is not always easy.
      We’ll be in London for Christmas – one week of holidays for me, as I have to be back in Tromsø to work during New Year (the fate of shift workers… sigh 😉 ). Are you around or somewhere more exotic? 😀

  2. Amazing photos once again! Only, what, two weeks until mørketiden? Even here in England the sun doesn’t get very high now. We’re still a long way off from seeing any snow yet. Visiting Iceland in february though, so I’ll no doubt see plenty there. Really missing Tromsø! And seeing your gorgeous photos doesn’t make me miss it any less, lol. Keep up the good work, and send some of that snow our way! 😉

    1. Today it’s 2 weeks until the sun disappears behind the mountains (official mørketid starts on the 27th). I try to ignore it, and enjoy the sunshine we have left all the more 🙂 and keeping my fingers crossed for clear skies when mørketid starts, as the light can be truly beautiful if the clouds don’t hide it!

      Iceland, exciting!! Hope you’ll see plenty of snow, and aurora there 🙂

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