Excursion to Oldervik

Excursion to Oldervik

Today I organised a photo excursion for members of Tromsø Photoclub – to Oldervik, about an hour’s drive north of Tromsø. The rocks on the beach there are very special: they consist of lots of layers, and the sea has also formed several large potholes (jettegrytter) here. This wasn’t my first visit – but my last visit was 2 years ago.

We were lucky with the weather to start with – when we arrived it was partly cloudy and the light was really pretty. Everybody scattered around to take pictures 🙂

The rocky beach at Oldervik Beautiful rock formations, with view towards Lyngen

Later on it got more cloudy and we even had some rain, but Oldervik is always a beautiful place – no matter the weather 🙂

Here the sea was forming some smaller potholes in the rocks The rocks at Oldervik are really special!

And when it gets a bit darker, it’s fun to take long exposures of frozen waterfalls… there were plenty to be found around the beach!

A frozen waterfall Another part of the frozen waterfall

It was a really fun day, and very nice to get out of Tromsø and play around with my camera. I’ve been really busy lately, so this was a welcome break 🙂

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  1. Hanneke,
    I continue enjoying your beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.

    Pam Berg

    1. Hi Pam,
      Thanks so much! Glad you are enjoying them 🙂 Hope all is well in Minnesota!

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