While climbing Skamtinden, we both commented how the peaks on Sessøya looked really fun to climb. Four days later, we both took a day off and we set off by boat from Ersfjordbotn to reach the beautiful beach on Sessøya. It took about 45 minutes by boat, and total door-to-beach time was only 2 hours!

Drijfsijs on the beach at Sessøya A pretty stream on the beach on Sessøya

We had a quick look around the small village. I don’t think anyone lives here permanently anymore, but there are some really nice houses. We started climbing the slope behind the village, with some great views towards Rekvik and Skamtinden…

The jetty at Sessøya - slightly crooked and falling apart ;) The small village on Sessøya, with in the background a great view of Skamtinden, the mountain we climbed 4 days earlier!

The going was slow, my muscles had not fully recovered from Skamtinden and I almost wanted to give up. The terrain was quite gentle though – only a couple of rocky parts. So we persevered (or rather, Paul made me :P) and we soon reached the first peak at 616 m. From there, a ridge goes to the highest point (Sessøytinden) at 657 m. The last part looked nearly impossibly vertical, with huge drops on one side. We could see the cairn though, and we knew other people had come this way, so we decided to see how far we’d get. In the end, it was some steep scrambling, but nowhere near as impossible as it looked. Two hours and 45 minutes after we started, we reached the top – and the views were really spectacular!

View from Sessøytinden towards Senja and Sommarøy on the right, and most of Kvaløya View in the opposite direction. The island on the left is called Bjørnøya and has quite a lot of houses on it

While on the top, my phone rang – it was Hannah, who was on the top of Bremnestinden at that moment and was wondering if we could see each other. We should have brought binoculars 😀

Håja seen from another unusual angle :) Paul next to the huge cairn, with Sørfugløya in the background

We ate our lunch on top and took lots and lots of photos 🙂

Enjoying the views - some crazy ridges on Sessøya!

For those interested, here is a height profile and map of our hike…

Height profile and map of climbing Sessøytinden

After our well deserved break we hurried back. I had a meeting that evening and our schedule was quite ambitious 😉 We took a shortcut on the way down, and we were back at the boat after about an hour and 15 minutes. We quickly got ready and started our way back to Ersfjordbotn. It had been sunny all day, but while in Ersfjorden, some rain showers appeared out of nowhere. Most of the rain didn’t reach the surface (a phenomenon called virgo), and as it was near sunset, the fall streaks were coloured a spectacular orange. So beautiful!

On the way back, it suddenly started to rain. Some of the rain never reached the ground, a phenomenon called virga - and the sunset coloured the streaks of rain some impressive colours What a view!

Back at Ersfjordbotn, I just had to take a couple more photos…

Fishing boats at Ersfjordbotn I couldn't get enough of the beautiful sunset light on the rain showers

We made it back home just in time for me to change clothes and run to my meeting 😀 I am glad we went though, it was a fantastic trip!

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  1. My god, Tromso is so beautiful. I’m so envious of you, the breathtaking beauty of nature is within reach all around you. My friends and I are planning to go Norway (including Tromso!) in Sep 2014 around equinox, hoping for a glance on the aurora. Wish me luck!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks so much! How exciting that you’re planning a trip to Tromsø next year, September is a great time to visit. Have lots of fun, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions / want some advice!

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