Three weeks ago we had one sunny day in the middle of a very rainy period. Of course we made the most of it, and we went on a trip to Oldervik (about an hour’s drive from Tromsø). We were greeted by a great view towards the Lyngen Alps, with snow on the tops…

The Lyngen Alps

The coast at Oldervik has very special rock formations. I had seen many beautiful photos taken there (here and here for example), but we had never been there ourselves! High time for a visit 🙂 and it didn’t disappoint! Here are some examples of the rock formations…

Rock formations at Oldervik A small bridge crosses the rocks at Oldervik

There are interesting patterns everywhere, it’s a paradise for photographers 😀

Rock patterns Rock patterns Rock patterns

Rock patterns Rock patterns

Another interesting phenomenon at Oldervik are several potholes (jettegryte in Norwegian). They are formed when rocks are moved around by the sea and form a kind of hole. They are very big! Paul is standing in one of them below…

Paul standing in a pothole Another pothole, this one filled with water Here I was about to jump over the pothole

And this one (below left) was even bigger! We couldn’t go in as there was too much water in it. The light had become quite difficult for photos, with a dark foreground and a very bright background, so I experimented with using different exposures to create one image (HDR).

HDR image of the large pothole Another view towards Lyngen

Paul brought his waterproof camera and took some photos in the tidal pools – very nice!

A tidal pool at Oldervik Underwater life

The sky had  very pretty pastel colours when we came back to the car.

A tree and the Lyngen Alps - winter is on its way Beautiful pastel colours!

On the way back, the light was still very beautiful, and I had to ask Paul to stop a few times, I just had to take some pictures!

A view on the way back to Tromsø The setting sun was colouring the snow pink

And our trip came to an end with this spectacular sunset…

Such a beautiful sunset! Perfect end to a perfect day :)

Once home we made pumpkin soup and we had friends over for dinner. A perfect Saturday!

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  1. PERFECT INDEED!!! I’m totally impressed by the geological history of these rock formations and the texture your photos evoke. The tidal pond photos are just amazing. Oooh…the snow capped horizon!!! The charming little red house…looks so homey and cosy!! What a place to live!!! The pastel colors just awed me!!! Thank you again for sharing.

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