We had planned to go for a 5 day hiking trip starting on Friday, but as we were both very tired, and the weather forecast looked very wet – we decided to stay at home. We couldn’t resist making the most of a sunny Friday though, and we decided to go up Skamtinden (884 m). This mountain has been on my “wish list” for a long time, but it’s a long drive and a very steep climb. You go up the 884 m within 2 kilometres! The advantage of such a steep climb is that you’re soon rewarded with very nice views…

View over Rekvik Paul looking over towards the island of Sessøya. The island behind Sessøya is Håja - almost unrecognisable from this angle!

We reached the top after about 2.5 hours. The very last bit to the top is quite crazy, and you need your hands to climb up to the cairn, with steep drops all around. We made the mistake of first looking at the top from a different angle, where you can see a sheer drop going almost 900 m straight down to sea level, just next to the cairn… gulp 😉

View over Ersfjorden The sheer drop below the top cairn - crazy!

Fortunately you don’t see much of this as you approach the cairn from a different angle, and after some scrambling we soon enjoyed fantastic views 🙂

View from the top Paul on the final scramble to the top

I was a bit worried about coming down that bit, but it turned out to be fine. We were in good spirits when we started the way down…

A relieved smile - getting up was one thing, I was a bit worried about coming back ;) You can see all the way to Sandøya and Sørfugløya from here

… but we soon found out that it was exhausting to come down on the loose rock/gravel path. Luckily the sunset views were very nice 🙂

The walk down was exhausting, but the sunset views were nice :)

It took the same amount of time to come down as it did to go up… and we got back to the car pretty knackered. My muscles have been sore for 3 days now, but it was totally worth it 😀

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