Fresh Air

Fresh Air

July in Tromsø wasn’t very nice, except for the few sunny days at the beginning of the month. The rest of the month was cold (10.7 C on average), rainy (it rained for 28 days!) and very grey (zero days with clear skies, and only 118.4 hours of sunshine, which made it the least sunny July since 1995). Paul managed to escape to sunny and warm Finland for two weeks, but I was here every single day. I don’t mind clouds, but when you have weeks on end with low clouds obscuring the mountains, it becomes quite depressing.

ANYWAY! Paul came back last Friday, and we finally had a bit better weather on Sunday. I was so keen to get out, get some fresh air 🙂 We decided to drive along the outer coast of Kvaløya, and our first stop was at Småbakken, a small grassy beach at the bottom of Store Blåmann.

The grassy beach at Småbakkan Trying to hide the grey sky behind some flowers ;)

The next stop was Grøtfjord, a really nice beach. There is a sauna in a barrel-shaped building there, and there were some people in the hot tub next to it. Just when we were walking on the beach, they decided to go for a swim 😀 BRRRR!!

Crazy people going for a swim... Grøtfjord beach

We then drove on to Rekvik, a small village at the end of the road. There are two jetties there, one of them is about to fall apart and very photogenic 😉

The beach at Rekvik Unstable jetty

After enjoying warm lakes in Finland, I think Paul forgot how cold the water is here 😀

View from underneath the jetty Paul testing the water

There was an area on the beach where a small stream bubbled up from underground, causing funny bubbles in the wet sand. The sand was moving so fast that by taking photos at 1/20th of a second, you could see the movement… so cool!

Sand art from a stream bubbling up from underneath the beach Sand art from a stream bubbling up from underneath the beach

A nice house near the beach. The second photo is taken at the lake just above the village.

Nice house near the beach in Rekvik A lake and river just above Rekvik

The road goes quite high up before it reaches Rekvik, and we got out at the highest point to go for a walk. They made a really nice picknick place there, what a view! 🙂

Lake reflections Picknick table with a view...

It’s been so wet that the mushrooms are out already, while the blueberries and cloudberries are not ripe yet. Last year we picked cloudberries in the middle of July…

Mushroom near the path Cotton grass

We walked to the top of Brosmetinden, which is only a short walk from where we parked – but the path is quite steep and on the other side of the path is a very deep drop… The views from the top were very nice, and even the sun was coming out 🙂

The view from Brosmetinden - it was ALMOST sunny :) Paul on the top

In the photos below you can see Rekvik far below, the mountain just drops straight down. I didn’t stay near the edge for very long 😉

And me on the top, with Rekvik far below Another view from the top

It was a very nice day and so good to be outside again. And even better: we FINALLY got summer weather the next day, the sun came out and it looks like it will stay sunny for the rest of the week. It’s not very warm, only about 12 degrees Celsius, but I don’t care 🙂 I’m at work all week, but went out to take photos this morning, so more soon!

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