A Sunny Morning

A Sunny Morning

Last Tuesday was really sunny, and I took my camera on a little trip before my afternoon shift. These photos are taken at Folkeparken, the park close to where we live. It’s an open air museum with lots of old buildings (that have been moved here), which only opens on sundays during the summer for a couple of hours – and even then, only 3 of the buildings are open 😀 It’s very nice though, but I wish they would open more frequently – especially the nice little cafe!

You can get a guided tour of this building when the museum is open. If I remember correctly, it used to be a trading post on one of the islands outside Tromsø The nice little cafe that really needs to open more often!

There is an exhibition about fishing called “In Cod We Trust” :D. Of course I had to take some photos of my favourite boat house…

Exhibition about cod fishing The old boathouse - one of my favourite buildings to photograph :)

And another cluster of buildings on the other side of the road. The grass roofs are so pretty now, they had lots of purple flowers in them.

So sunny - so beautiful :) More buildings that are part of the open air museum. Their grassy roofs are at their prettiest now, with lots of purple flowers in them

A girl was fishing from the end of the jetty (wonder if she caught anything, we never had much luck there), and lots of families were enjoying the beach of Telegrafbukta.

The jetty, with a girl fishing from the end And the popular Telegrafbukta beach - some kids were playing in the water :)

My next stop was Tisnes, a small village about half an hour from Tromsø, with some nice beaches to walk on.

The beach at Tisnes A farm at Tisnes, Store Blåmann in the background

There’s also an impressive shipwreck on the beach, which is always great for photos 🙂

Nice sandy beaches The big shipwreck on the beach

The shipwreck

A very nice morning! This weekends looks grey and drizzly again, but next week the weather forecasts look really promising – and I’m free! Can’t wait to take my camera on some more trips 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Sunny Morning

  1. The last picture is just amazing, with the ship in the foreground and the mountains and clouds in the background. Perfect composition. Og de andre bilder selvfølgelig er pene.

    Dessuten er det godt at været har forbedret seg. 🙂

  2. Tusen takk Ben 🙂 Yeah, it’s so good to see sunshine!! It really improves everybody’s mood after such a grey July 😉

  3. Hei!
    Det er veldig artig å se på bildene dine! Bare så bra!! .. som en liten ferietur 🙂
    hilsen fra Trondheim

    1. Tusen takk Franziska 🙂 det var som en liten ferietur for meg også, selv om jeg gikk rett til jobb etterpå 😉

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