Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset

When I came back from Stålhovet, I was planning to go for dinner in town with Paul. It was his last evening in Tromsø, the next day he’d leave for Svalbard and his annual research cruise (he will be away for a month). Paul was quite envious of the views we had above the fog though, and we decided to take the cable car up instead 🙂 The cable car station conveniently has a webcam, so it’s easy to check if there is a view from there. We took the cable car up at 21:00, just in time to watch the sunset over the fog 🙂

Panorama at sunset, with the cable car station on the right, and the viewing platform (with another photographer :D) on the left Paul taking photos

It wasn’t quite the romantic evening out that we had planned, as we were both running around taking photos 😀 But it was a beautiful experience that we didn’t want to miss. Here are some of the photos that Paul took:

One of the photos that Paul took: the road to Skulsfjord Tromsdalen filled with fog, Tromsdalstinden in the background

Terrace with a view :) Somewhere below is Tromsø island ;)

In the mean time I shot a timelapse video of the sunset:

We couldn’t stay long, as the last cable car down leaves at 22:00. It was quite spooky to descend back into the fog…

Descending into the mist with the cable car Last view of the clear sky

We decided to stop in the city centre on our way home. The fog had become really thick, and the atmosphere was quite special – almost scary, I was glad I wasn’t alone 😉 Actually we met another member of the photo club here, the second one that day 😀

The wharf in Tromsø The bridge from underneath - scary cracks!

We walked to the end of the jetty in town, which is quite a strange place anyway. Half falling apart, and very far away from anything. Sounds become really distorted, and it was like a horror movie when you hear footsteps and voices but you can’t tell where they’re coming from at all. There was a student party going on at Driv, which we could hear although we couldn’t see Driv itself at all.

Bridge into fog Reaching the end of the jetty

These were taken at the very end of the jetty…

A channel marker in the fog Not much of a view, but you can just about make out the Rica hotel in the background

What a fun little trip! The fog lasted for another two days, and I made the most of them – so more photos are coming 🙂

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