The day after climbing Stålhovet, I took Paul to the airport at noon. I was hoping his flight would be cancelled due to fog, but no such luck 😉 In the evening I decided to get some fresh air, and I drove to Finnvikvatnet, where you can park your car at a height of about 250 m. I was hoping this would be above the fog, but it wasn’t actually. I took some photos of the very wet grass, and then followed the first part of the path to Kjølen, but only as far as Jamnfjellet.

Wet grass in the fog Spooky views walking up through the fog

It didn’t take long to reach the top of the fog layer, and I was excited to see a fog bow for the first time! It’s like a rainbow, but since the water droplets in fog are so tiny, the light gets so scattered that you don’t see all the colours, you see a white bow. A little later, I saw two other optical phenomenon: a glory (the rainbow around my shadow, you can see this quite often from a plane flying over a layer of clouds), and the rarer Brocken spectre (my long and strangely shaped shadow, in Dutch this is called Brockenspook – Brocken ghost :D)

A fog bow! I'd never seen one before so I was very excited. Tromsdalstinden is just visible on the right It got even more exciting for a meteorologist: a fog bow (quite weak in this photo), a glory (the rainbow around my shadow), and a Brocken spectre (my long shadow)

All very exciting for a meteorologist 😉 Here is a panorama of the whole valley…

Panorama over the valley filled with fog, you can also see the glory here

Walking further up, I was in full sun and the views were just amazing. So much fog, and yet there were big cumulus clouds in the inland – the forecasted afternoon showers. The whole weather forecast in one photo 🙂

Breaking through the fog and seeing the sun: always a magical moment View towards Tromsdalstinden, fog in the foreground and in the far background you can see the afternoon showers forecasted further inland

Towards the coast all you could see was a sea of fog…

Wow, what a view! A leaning cairn ;)

I sat against this cairn for quite a while, watching the fog roll by, watching excited kids run around above the fog on the opposite mountain (Sørtinden). I was a bit sad and alone with Paul away for so long, but how can you stay sad with views like this? 🙂

The island Vengsøya in the background I sat with my back against this cairn for quite a while, watching the fog roll by, and enjoying the sunshine. Until the mosquitos chased me away ;)

And here is another timelapse I took from there, consisting of two different parts. The first one is a bit bumpy, as my camera was placed at an uneven surface (I’d left my tripod in the car).

One more post about hiking above the fog is coming, and then I stop – I promise 😀

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