Fellestur til Nordtinden

Fellestur til Nordtinden

Last week I joined a “fellestur” (joint trip) to Nordtinden (640 m), one of the Ti på Topp mountains. Four years ago we climbed Nordtinden on a beautiful summer day in August, but then we started from Kvaløyvågen, and this time we started from Skulsfjord. I had never joint a fellestur before, as I know the Norwegians are mountain goats and hard to keep up with, but I decided I could handle the challenge now 😉

We had to cross a few areas with snow Nearly at the top

It was grey weather when we started but it cleared up once we got to the top. We made it to the top in just under 2 hours. I was proud to have survived the Norwegian walking speed 😉 it did mean less time for taking photos though!

Kvaløyvågen seen from Nordtinden The top!

At the top we did take a long break for taking photos and for having something to eat and drink.

Click click click Beautiful view

Of course everybody had to sign the turbok and then it was time to make our way down…

Looking into Kaldfjorden Making our way back down

The views were beautiful in the evening light!

View of lakes in the evening sun Walking back over the tractor road to Skulsjord - beautiful view of Store Blåmann!

It was a great trip, and really nice to meet new people 🙂 On the way home, I stopped at Telegrafbukta to take some photos – the light was beautiful at 23:00 and it’s finally starting to look green 🙂

It was such a lovely evening, I had to stop at Telegrafbukta to take some photos. It's FINALLY turning green here. This photo was taken at 23:00

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