We’ve had two days of beautiful sunny weather in Tromsø, and yesterday we even had temperatures of 22°C! We’ve been making the most of it, as you never know how long it lasts – today is cold, grey and rainy. Last night we drove through the new tunnel to Vikran on the Malangen peninsula. The roads are really quiet there, and we parked our car and continued by bike 🙂 It was so beautiful! Summer is at its peak and flowers are everywhere, like this field full of buttercups…

Fields of buttercups Old boat house :) The buttercups were swaying in the wind

We explored Kobbevågen nature reserve, a really nice area of beaches and shallow sea that falls dry at low tide. We saw a group of swans here, I don’t think I’ve ever seen swans around Tromsø before! In spring lots of birds pass through this area on their migration, and to a lesser extent also in autumn. Must remember that to visit at the right time 🙂

Waiting for high tide... A few cabins near the beach Kobbevågen nature reserve

We had planned a nice picknick break but unfortunately the summer weather has woken up the mosquitos – arghh. So after a quick drink we cycled back to the car and drove back to Tromsø. A nice little trip, and fun to find a new area to explore.

More photos soon – I’ve also just come back from a wonderful week in Switzerland but it will take some time to go through the photos I took there 😉

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