Skating on Ramfjorden

Skating on Ramfjorden

Between all the aurora watching, we also found time for skating. Paul bought some skates and he was very keen to try them. On Sunday we got a text message from a friend who lives on the shore of Ramfjorden, to tell us the ice was safe and there was very little snow – good skating conditions! I had a day off on Monday, and the weather was good, so off we went…

Ramfjorden, with the back of Tromsdalstinden glowing red in the last sunlight Sunset on the opposite side

I had never skated on sea ice before, it’s a bit more challenging as the surface is not very smooth. We had a lot of fun though. We skated about 8 km, and got quite sore feet… we obviously need a bit more practice šŸ˜‰

Paul skating over a crack Giving my feet a much-needed break Back to where we started, with the blue light that comes after sunset

My new SLR camera can also take videos at very high resolution, something I hadn’t actually tried yet. We shot a few videos, and Paul edited them together to this nice movie:

What a nice day! The skating season is very short here, as once the snow comes you won’t be able to skate anymore. We’ve had a few snowfalls this winter, but we keep having periods with very mild temperatures which melts it all away. And what didn’t melt, will blow away in the strong winds we’re having. Oh well, by the end of April I’ll be cursing the snow, so I shouldn’t complain šŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Skating on Ramfjorden

  1. What FUN!!! thank you for the video. It made me laugh with glee…can’t believe you are skating on ice that was liquid not long ago. I would love to see a summer pic of this area. I am sure you probably have one somewhere. Show it to me. Hearing the skates on the ice and your voice really tickled me. Your picture made me laugh. Your feet could be your hands holding two blue blades. What is the difference between your skates and Paul’s. I am curious! please tell me!

  2. Haha Martha, glad we entertained you šŸ˜€ Hmm not sure I have a summer photo of the area, but I do have a summer photo of the fjord from above:

    And yes, the photo of me lying down with the skates is quite funny. There is another version which has even less perspective (you can’t see the upper part of my legs at all), that one is REALLY weird… I’ll have to send you that one, so you can have a laugh šŸ˜€

    As for the skates: Paul bought skates with a special binding so he can use his skiboots with them. They are very popular in Sweden, and the idea is that you can ski (or walk) to a frozen lake, and then you just have to bind the skates underneath the shoes you’re already wearing – very practical! I really should buy a pair too, the ones I am wearing here are my old ones from the Netherlands, they must be at least 15 years old. They look like figure skates, but are more like ice hockey skates. All plastic, not very comfortable and not very suitable for long distances (though one cold winter in the Netherlands, I skated 22 km on those!!).

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