I got a set of graduated neutral density filters as a Christmas present, and have been waiting for a chance to try them out. These filters can be used to take photos in situations where (for example) the foreground is dark, while the sky is much brighter. Without a filter, this usually results in either an overexposed sky or a underexposed foreground. Today just after sunset, we drove to Langnes, the area near the airport. It was fun to play with the filters!

Looking towards Ersfjorden, the sea in the foreground is blurred because of the long exposure Seaweed tossed around in the waves

With the filters, you can take much longer exposures than you normally can, which is quite fun at the coast – you can blur out the movement of the water.

A panorama of the sunset sky

Of course I also had to get some photos of my favourite cabin 🙂 I did use the filter here, but the sky was still too bright relative to the foreground. Another trick you can use then, is to take several images with different exposures and combine them into one image later. For the images below, I used 4 exposures to get one image.

Old red cabin against the sunset I can't get enough of this very photogenic cabin :) this photo also shows how little snow we have....

As you can see, there’s hardly any snow left! But I’m not complaining, we’ve had about 10 days with beautiful clear weather now, which is really nice 🙂

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