Ti på Topp 2010: Tverrfjellet

Ti på Topp 2010: Tverrfjellet

Yesterday I had a day off in the middle of a crazy work schedule (I had just worked 6 days in a row, and after my day off I’d work 10 more days in a row… this is because everyone else is on holiday this month). The weather looked nice, so I decided to do another top 🙂 I chose Tverrfjellet on Kvaløya, 675 m high. Below is the map and the height profile…

Route up to Tverrfjellet (675 m) Height profile - this was a steep climb!

It took me 5 hours in total (about 2.5 hours to reach the top, half an hour break, and 2 hours to come down). The length of the trip was 7.5 km. I found this quite a tough one to climb, as it was very steep up straight from the start. At some point you reach the first “top” from where you get your first view to the actual top – which is further along a ridge. I lost my motivation a bit when I found out how far it still was! The ridge goes gently down for about a km, but after that it is a very steep climb again. Very rocky too, I had to use my hands several times on the last part. It was a beautiful day though, with great views, and I had a great time 🙂

This is the view from the first top, showing the ridge leading to the actual top. On one side, the ridge is very steep. On the other side there’s a lake, called Tverrfjellvatnet, that was still frozen. The melt ponds on it had a beautiful bright blue colour!

The view from the first top - the actual top is further along the ridge. Finding out how far away was a bit of a disappointment ;) A huge boulder in front of the frozen Tverrfjellvatnet - love the blue colours!

The view from the top! It was a nice surprise to be able to see all the way to the sea. The peaks on the right are about 1000 m high.

The view from the top. The island in the background is called Sessøya.

Two more views from the top, one towards Kattfjordvatnet (the road back to Tromsø goes through this valley), and one towards Nordfjorden.

View towards Kattfjordvatnet and the road to Tromsø View towards Nordfjorden

On the way back I took it easy and I took a lot of photos. By this time the first “after work” hikers were coming up, it was nice to chat to them. The path was often marked by small cairns as in the photo below. I also took a close up of the blue melt ponds, they are so pretty!

The cairns that show you the way Blue meltwater on Tverrfjellvatnet

A small lake on my way down…

A small lake on the way down

I reached the car tired but happy 🙂 and sunburnt too, mostly on one side :D.

And now it’s back to work, I had to start at 6:30 this morning! I did 2 radio interviews early in the morning. They were supposed to be about the weather but as the DJs know that I’m Dutch, we ended up talking about the world cup and the Netherlands reaching the finals. I am not a football fan at all so it’s quite bizarre to talk about it on the radio 😀 Luckily I saw half of yesterday’s match while visiting the neighbours (we don’t have a tv) so I could confirm watching the match and I kind of knew what I was talking about 😉

More soon I hope – I have a lot of photos from the weekend Paul’s parents came to see us, I hope to share some soon. We have also been out with the boat again, have a look at the photos of a dreamy evening on Vensøya here. If I didn’t have to work the next morning, I would have loved to stay on that beach all night! Paul also went on a boat trip by himself last weekend, to Nipøya.

More soon 🙂

5 thoughts on “Ti på Topp 2010: Tverrfjellet

  1. He Gerard,

    Hoe is het met jou? Bedankt voor je berichtje 🙂 Heb het hier prima naar mijn zin, geweldig om als je een dagje vrij hebt, je zulke mooie wandelingen kunt maken.

    Fijne zomer! Geloof dat jullie in Nederland heel wat spectaculair weer hebben gehad??


  2. Hello! I tried adding you on Facebook to ask you a question (sorry if that was creepy) because I couldn’t find an email on here. I assume my request was denied, so here is my question, if you wouldn’t mind answering. 🙂

    This November (near the end of the month) I am planning to visit Norway for about a week. I am hoping to visit Oslo, Bergen, Ålesund, Tromsø, and Å. I am hoping to be able to stay in Tromsø for two days, including a drive to Å for most of one of the days. What are my chances of seeing the aurora at that time of year?

    1. Oops, sorry for denying you, your name didn’t ring a bell so I figured someone clicked the wrong button. I do have a contact form here: http://blog.hanneketravels.net/contact
      but I didn’t realise it’s so hard to find, will fix that!

      Anyway… 😉 to answer your question… At the end of November, “mørketid” – the dark time – has started in Tromsø. That gives you a lot of chances to see the aurora, as the nights are very long! I think you have a very good chance, you just have to hope that the weather cooperates and gives you clear nights. It would be better if you stay a bit longer… if you have only 2 nights in the north, that makes it a bit risky in case it’s cloudy for those 2 days. But as you have a car, you might be able to drive somewhere with clearer skies if you can be flexible. If you go inland (away from the coast) you can find clear skies more often.

      Btw, that’s a lot of places to visit in one week! But all of them are really nice 🙂

      Do get in touch through my contact form if you have more questions, then I can email you directly with more advice if you like 🙂

  3. Thank you! 🙂

    I don’t have any other questions, but if there is any information you would like to share about that area you can email me.


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