Rainy Summer

Rainy Summer

Paul’s parents came to see us three weeks ago, during the last weekend of June. June was very rainy in Tromsø (120 mm fell) – we were only 3 mm away from breaking the all time record! It rained most of the days while they were here as well, but we still went out every day. On the first day we drove to Grøtfjord for a walk on the beach. Not surprisingly we were the only ones there!

Grøtfjord panorama, seen from the road View from Grøtfjord beach

It was a very cold day, about 8 degrees! I regretted not bringing gloves, I got so cold. But we enjoyed our walk on the beach. There was an oystercatcher who had a nest somewhere near the beach, he got very alarmed when we came near and flew in circles around us.

Paul with his parents An oystercatcher

In Tromvik we found this gull with a nest on top of some kind of refrigerated container! We continued all the way to the end of the road, in Rekvik. We really liked this house on the coast…

Sea gull on a next on top of some kind of refrigeration container! A dream house at the coast, in Rekvik

We walked along the coast for a bit, and came to a beach with very red rocks. I’ve never seen that around here before! The rock formations on the beach were very interesting too.

Red rocks and a wild sea! Interesting rock formations and colour

Group portrait on the beach 🙂 The other photo shows the path that follows the coast.

A portrait on the beach :) The path along the coast

On the way home we saw this reindeer next to the road!

A reindeer having flowers for dinner

The next day we drove to Sommarøy where we went for a walk. Paul’s parents were attacked by this huge seagull! If you come to near to their nest, they’ll attack you by diving at you repeatedly. They don’t actually come that near and I don’t think they’d actually hit you, but it’s really quite scary when it happens to you! There were some gulls near our house that did the same thing for a while and I didn’t enjoy it. Fortunately there were also friendly birds around there 🙂 We saw a lot of ducks with baby ducks, so cute!

Sea gull attack! 10 little duckies - one stayed behind and had to race to keep up with the rest

These rorbuer (fishermens’ cottages) are owned by the hotel, must be nice to stay in them! I am not sure what the “house on sticks” in the other photo is used for, probably just for storing fishing gear.

Rorbuer on Sommarøy House on sticks :)

This is a pretty boathouse with grass on the roof. We also met this funny looking goat 🙂

Pretty boathouse Somebody keeps goats on Sommarøy - this one looks so funny :)

And on the way back, we saw a group of reindeer!

Another reindeer - we saw many!

On their last day in Tromsø, the sun finally came out! And what a difference that makes… We went for a walk around Telegrafbukta, enjoying the sunshine. Of course I had to take another photo of my favourite boathouse 🙂

How different the world looks with a little sunshine! Another photo of my favourite boathouse :)

We also made a short visit to the botanical garden, mostly to visit their cafe and eat waffles, mmmmmmmm 😀

Waffles in the sun in the botanical garden, mmmm :)

So far, July hasn’t been very summary either – still a lot of cloudy and cold days. Fortunately every once in a while there is a nice evening or even almost a day – and you need to take advantage of them when they come around! My parents arrived yesterday, on a beautiful sunny day – but today we are back to nonstop rain and low clouds. Good day to spend inside finally catching up with my blog 😀

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  1. Love the photos, Hanneke! It’s amazing to me just how much your home and my home look so much alike. No wonder we both love where we live. 🙂

    We’ve had quite a bit of rain ourselves. The weatherman is calling for even more rain as the summer progresses. I hope he’s wrong. Before we know it, winter will be upon us again.


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