Today was a very sunny day. So much so, that we decided to go for a bbq on the beach after work. We drove to Grøtfjord, which is about an hour’s drive from Tromsø. Quite far, but definitely worth it! To get there you cross the mountains and pass a lake, then suddenly the views open and you can see the tiny village of Grøtfjord way down below. I still get excited every time I see the view, and insist on getting a picture even though the road doesn’t really allow for it.

Grøtfjord seen from the road

Our first visit to Grøtfjord was in November 2007, when we came here for Paul’s job interview. Here you can find a picture taken from the same place as the one below – just in a different season.

We had the beach to ourselves – well, apart from a lot of seagulls and a couple of oystercathers. It was such a beautiful day – sunny and no wind. Still, this is Northern Norway and I was glad I was wearing my down jacket 🙂 I found the shell of a sea urchin and took some macro photos of it. The shell is fascinating up close!

After finally lighting a disposable bbq (it was damp after being stored all winter), we grilled some sausages. By 20:00, the sun was getting lower and it got a bit chilly – we were glad we brought some hot chocolate with us.

Afterwards, we went for a little walk along the coast, enjoying the sunset. The colours kept changing and were very intense, beautiful!

On the way back to Tromsø, the back side of Blåmann was looking very pretty in the last light. And so was Tromsdalstinden!

The fjords were very calm and the reflections were beautiful too.

We briefly stopped in Ersfjordbotn, a village on the way back where we never stopped before. It’s located on an impressive fjord and has a cute little harbour…

Such a great evening! It’s so nice when the days get longer and you can go on little trips like this after work 🙂

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  1. @Elusive Moose, thanks 😀 Your photos often want to make me move south, especially all the spring flowers that we won’t see here for quite a while!

    @Ben, thanks!! I am glad you like it, it’s quite a change from the old one 🙂 I’ll post some new photos soon, it’s been quite a lot of work to move everything over to the new blog (but luckily I had fantastic help :D)

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