More Ice Fishing!

More Ice Fishing!

Last Friday the weather was really nice, and we decided to go ice fishing after work. After our last fishing trip, more people were keen to come with us 🙂 We went to Ramfjorden again, but closer to the sea ice edge this time. We were hoping we would be in the sun for a while, but unfortunately there are some mountains in the way there and the sun quickly disappeared, making it VERY cold. 

On one side we could still see the sun on the mountain tops, and on the other side the sunset…

We didn’t catch anything for about an hour. Paul and Qin decided to drill some more holes a bit further away. And they got lucky there indeed, Qin caught this cod! It’s quite small and she didn’t even realize she had caught something until the hook came out of the water with the fish attached to it 😉

I was FREEZING, it was really cold and we all went for a run every now and then to keep warm. I was very happy with the tea that Marcel and Anja brought 🙂 We also had a very young fisher, Emma, 4 months old!

Here’s Anja fishing with Emma, and quite soon after Qin’s catch, they caught a fish too! A large one this time…

Paul seems to be checking if the fish has healthy teeth 😉 It was a cod again, and of course we had to get the classic posing picture. Thanks to Marcel for these photos! (Do you notice how Paul is always posing with the fish that he didn’t actually catch himself?? hehehe)

We stayed for a while longer, but we didn’t catch anything – though there was some excitement when Paul and Stephen thought they had a bite at the same time! It turned out they probably caught each other 😉 haha. 

Not catching anything ourselves does have its advantages actually – we got invited for dinner two days later, to eat the big cod. Unfortunately this photo is a bit blurry, but it shows the really nice dinner 🙂 The cod weighed more than 3 kg, and after gutting etc, there was about 800 gr of fillets left – enough for a very tasty meal!

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  1. Zo zo wat een vangst!

    Ik bezit dus niet meer het geheim van het vissen.

    Maar op deze manier kunnen jullie wel tripjes met succes organiseren.

    Mijn ipod heeft het nooit meer koud!

    x Laura

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