On Sunday afternoon we went for a walk on the island of Håkøya, close to Tromsø. Håkøya can be reached by a bridge, and from the bridge you have a nice view into the very clear water – we saw many starfish! In the other photo you can see my project of last weekend – I crocheted a hat for Paul! Nicole taught me to crochet while we were in Mexico, and now that I’ve gotten over my “crochet-is-for-grandma’s” attitude, it’s been lots of fun, and I’m very proud of my first hat 🙂

A boat passed by in the distance, and created large ripples in the water. They lasted for a long time…

We walked along the shore for a while. The beach consists of rocks with lots of seaweed on them, and when the tide comes up they are covered in water. This shallow layer of water freezes, and when the tide recedes, the layer of ice ends up on top of the rocks. It creates a very cool layer of sea ice, which behaves quite different from “normal” ice. For example it can flex a lot more, and it breaks up in different ways. See the photos below…

Some of the rocks are covered with lots of barnacles, I had some fun taking macro photos of them. In the other photo you can see the bridge to Håkøya in the distance.

There was also a stream entering the sea, and that created all kinds of different sorts of ice. It was beautiful! There were many bubbles frozen into the ice, and in other parts the ice almost looked like a painting with flower patterns.

Here Paul is holding up a piece of ice to the sky, so you can see the bubble pattern better. He thought it would make a good speech bubble 😉 

The views from the beach were really nice. The water was very calm so the reflections were beautiful. 

These photos were taken around sunset, at about 18:00. It’s so nice to have longer days! After the clocks change on Sunday, sunset will be at 19:40 and it will still be light for about an hour after that – great!!

4 thoughts on “Håkøya

  1. Ongelooflijk wat jullie toch allemaal voor mooie dingen zien en meemaken…..

    (maar wij hebben groene knoppen en bloemetjes… :P)

  2. Hello Hanneke, That hat looks FANTASTIC! Great job 🙂 Have you decided your next project? Your photos as usual look spectacular, what a beautiful place to be living.



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