Summer in Tromsø

Summer in Tromsø

Just an update as this blog has been so quiet! I am in Tromsø now, for a month! It’s great to be back 🙂 We’re quite busy flat-hunting though as unfortunately we have to be out of our current flat by the end of this month – very sad! We’ve already seen a few places, but no luck so far.

It’s been quite while since I was last here – and it’s SO green now!! We went for a walk around the lake on top of Tromsø island (Prestvannet) one evening. There were lots of birds with nests/young there…

Paul made friends with this cute little tern… We thought he couldn’t fly, but in the end he did fly away when Paul came too close.

I love lupins, and was pleasantly surprised to find them here! As you can see, Norwegians keep their gardens quite wild 😉 Very beautiful!

That’s all for now, I’m sure there will be more updates now that we’re both in Tromsø 🙂

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