A walk near Fredrikstad

A walk near Fredrikstad

In early August, I visited Marie and Pål in Fredrikstad for a weekend. We planned to go for a long walk on Saturday, but it rained like crazy for much of the day. After a lot of cups of tea the rain finally stopped, and Marie and I went for a walk not far from Fredrikstad.

It started out cloudy, and we thought these views were about as much as we could hope for 😉

Cloudy views at the start of our walk

We found lots of chanterelles in the forest!

Lots of chanterelles!

We both took lots of photos, as usual…

Marie at work

And going for a walk with Marie always means I get some photos of myself 😀

Photo by Marie

The clouds kept clearing, and it actually turned into a very sunny afternoon – how nice!

Sunshine! And slippery rocks...

Nice views down to a boathouse and boat.

Bay & boathouse

We followed the coast, where it was usually easy to walk on the rocks.

Beautiful coastline

The heather was already starting to bloom, so pretty!

Pretty heather

Marie while we took a break for drinks and snacks 🙂

Marie enjoying the views

This way please!

This way please!

You can tell where the wind usually comes from around here…

You can tell where the wind usually comes from around here...

Some of the rocks look like submarines!

Submarine or rock? :)

Beautiful bay, with two sandy beaches nearby.

Beautiful bay

We turned back into the forest from here, past this dreamy cabin…

Dreamy cabin in the forest, straight out of a fairytale...

Through the pretty forest…

Through the pretty forest...

Very pretty views on top of the hill, with bare rock, flowering heather and beautiful trees.

So pretty with all the heather!

Apple trees near a house we passed…

Apple trees

Pretty country road close to where we parked the car.

Country road

What a beautiful walk, especially with the unexpected sunshine! And when we got back, Pål had made homemade pizza, perfect way to end a perfect day 🙂

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