New Year in Switzerland

New Year in Switzerland

After a wonderful 10 days in the Netherlands I took the train to Switzerland, to celebrate New Year with Célia and her boyfriend, plus a group of her friends from her choir in Brussels. On the last day of 2015, we went for a walk – even if the weather was not really cooperating: fog, rain and sometimes sleet.

Hiking into the fog Not much of a view from the top...

We took a group photo on top, even if there was no view 😀 There was a restaurant near the top where we had a well deserved hot chocolate before returning the way we came.

Group photo on top Hiking back

In spite of the bad weather, it was quite pretty and atmospheric, and I think we all needed some fresh air 🙂

Nice atmosphere

In the evening we celebrated with lots of nice food, good music and even some dancing 🙂 A great way to end 2015!

Tasty starters :) All the girls :)

The next day we planned to visit Creux du Van, an amazing place I had only visited in summer. This year there is so little snow in the area that the road to Creux du Van is opened all the way to the end.

When we woke up it was completely foggy, but while eating breakfast the fog started to lift and the sun broke through. We were all excited to go hiking 🙂 Reaching the edge of Creux du Van, we saw a glory, Brocken Spectre and a fog bow on the fog below – amazing! We had a lot of fun playing with our shadows and declaring ourselves saints 🙂

Approaching Creux du Van Having fun with the glory / Brocken Spectre
This one shows quite well why it's called Brocken Spectre - spooky! Glory, Brocken Spectre and Fog bow - how to make a meteorologist very happy!

A photo of the choir girls, and a panorama showing Creux du Van filled with fog.

The choir girls at Creux du Van Panorama of fog-filled Creux du Van

Suddenly we could see the Alps very clearly on the horizon – so beautiful!

Suddenly we could see the Alps very clearly on the horizon - so beautiful! Creux du Van and the Alps
Katharina enjoying the view Such amazing views, we took so many photos!

We took so many photos! It was such a beautiful hike. Almost symbolic how we spent the last day of 2015 in the wet fog without any view, and the first day of 2016 in glorious sunshine above the fog – we all hoped it was a good sign for the year to come 🙂

In a way it was sad to see the lack of snow, but it did mean we got to enjoy those views Célia & Benoît

We walked to the cross at the top, to have an ever better view of the valley filled with fog, and the Alps on the horizon.

The cross on top Below the fog is the lake of Neuchâtel
The saint & the cross ;) Enjoying the views

Of course we had to take a group photo here too – a bit different from the one taken the day before 😀

Célia took a photo of me :) Group photo

Nice views in all directions…

Another panorama What a great way to start 2016: fantastic hike with great people!
The highest mountain on the right is the Mont Blanc Fog in the valleys and flowing over the mountain tops

One last photo looking back at the Alps, before returning to the cars.

One last view looking back towards the Alps

What a great way to start 2016!! The only thing that “worries” me is that I might not beat this beautiful hike this year 😉 but that won’t stop me from trying! Happy New Year everyone!

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