Bike ride at sunset

Bike ride at sunset

I am in the Netherlands right now, and a couple of days ago I went for a bike ride before dinner, around sunset. From my parent’s place, it only takes about 5 minutes to cycle to the entrance of National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. In the park, no cars are allowed so it’s a great place for walking or cycling. It was a beautiful evening…

De Oosterplas, a nearby lake Cycling towards the coast at sunset

While the sun was setting, a nearly full moon was rising behind me. I walked up to a high dune with a viewpoint on top, for some great views of the orange sunset.

Looking back at the rising moon Sunset
Two women coming down from the viewpoint Panorama from the viewpoint, the lake is called Vogelmeer or Bird Lake

Cycling back I passed the Vogelmeer (Bird Lake) which didn’t get its name for nothing 😉 There were two swans near the shore, while the water was reflecting the pink colour of the sky. Very pretty 🙂

Two swans & the moon The lake was turning pink at sunset

Swans & moon reflection Pretty!

After that I had to rush back home, but I took another photo of the sunset that was turning red.

Sunset colours in the dunes

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