Freezing Fog

Freezing Fog

A couple of days ago we had a rare case of winter fog in Tromsø – with temperatures below zero it qualifies as freezing fog. It can cause a lot of problems, as it consists of liquid droplets that will freeze on whatever surface they come in touch with. Not very good for airport runways or roads, but quite pretty in nature 😉 I went to Prestvannet to take some photos of the fog and the frozen droplets on tree branches…

Prestvannet in the fog Frozen droplet against an obscured sun

While taking photos, the fog finally started to clear, giving me blue sky as a background.

Are the branches starting to get buds?? Not sure if this one survived though... The whole tree was covered in a thin layer of ice

And finally Tromsdalstinden appeared out of the fog, a magical moment!

Another frozen droplet Tromsdalstinden appearing out of the fog - beautiful!

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