Snarby to Nonsbu

Snarby to Nonsbu

Yesterday the weather was stunning, and I was lucky enough to have the day off! Paul was able to take a day off work as well, and we decided to go for a long ski trip. We started from Snarby and headed towards Nonsbu. It was so sunny and so beautiful, everyone we met was smiling widely – it was a perfect day šŸ˜€

Sun, sun, sun! A great day for a ski trip!

We stopped at Trollvassbu (only 4 km from Snarby) for a quick lunch in the sun, and then continued towards Nonsbu.

Playing with shadows Paul testing his new skies

I kept taking photos of the sunny views šŸ˜€

I couldn't stop taking pictures of these views... Better than a day at the office, right? :-)

Paul had left a fancy design thermos bottle at Nonsbu last Sunday which he was keen to pick up. I wasn’t sure I wanted to ski that far (it’s a 24 km round trip), but in this kind of weather, and perfect snow conditions, it was a piece of cake šŸ™‚

This looks so much fun! A school class was camping near Nonsbu, digging snow holes to sleep in...

Someone had made ice art by arranging icicles from the roof of the cabin upside down in the snow – pretty!

Ice art - someone arranged the icicles from the roof next to the cabin Icicles and a great view :)

After eating dinner at Nonsbu, we turned back towards Trollvassbu. By the time we got there, the last sunlight was painting the mountain tops a very pretty pink…

Paul in front of Nonsbu Skiing past Trollvassbu at sunset

The moon was out and everything was blue and pink…

Trollvassbu Impressive sunset at Trollvassbu

It quickly got colder when the sun finally set, but the twilight colours were fantastic.

Beautiful twilight, with the Lyngen Alps in the far distance (on the left) Back at Snarby after 24km of skiing

What a perfect day!! šŸ™‚

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