For a long time, we’d been planning to visit the ski tracks at Kvitfjellet on Kvaløya. We tried once, in early December, but then the conditions were like this…

Skiing through a snow storm in December

… and we didn’t get very far. We kept checking a website called Skisporet, which shows you when a ski track has last been made, Kvitfjellet is one of the areas that’s included on this website. After 10 days or truly horrible weather (and horribly busy shifts, click here if you want to see me on the Norwegian news, talking about the bad weather, and looking exhausted 😀 ), it finally cleared up. Avalanche danger was high, so luckily Paul was happy to join me on a cross-country ski trip on Kvitfjellet.

Ohh how spring sunshine warms the soul… even though it was bitterly cold that day! We had a fantastic day in the mountains, with a welcome lunch break at the skihytta halfway along the 10 km long loop.

A frozen mast along the way - iPhone picture so not the best quality The Skihytta - what a view!!

On a sunny Sunday, you’re not going to be alone here…

View from the hut :)

After some sandwiches, chocolate and a hot drink, we were ready for the last part of our trip.

Time for chocolate! The beautiful track leading away from the hut

The mountains soon turned pink in the sunset, it was beautiful! And I was really impressed with the track through this beautiful area 🙂 I wasn’t “allowed” too many photos though, as Paul was cold. It was around -15 up there!

Sunset coloured the mountains pink Paul was cold ;)

The last 4 km was downhill all the way, which was a LOT of fun 😀

From up here you can see Malangen on the right and Vasstinden on the left Ready for a fun downhill at sunset :)

I don’t think this was our last visit to Kvitfjellet 🙂 It’s a long drive (almost an hour), but totally worth it!

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  1. Gelukkig hebben wij nog net het laatste stukje mooi weer gehad in Tromso en Sommaroy, de eerste week van maart. De lente is alweer bijna over in Noord- en Zuid-Holland! De bollenvelden zijn alweer geschiedenis.

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