December Light

December Light

The lack of photos recently has a lot to do with the weather: we had so much bad weather and storms lately! That prevents me from going out, but it also means really hectic shifts at work and a very tired Hanneke 😉 It makes it extra nice when the weather turns pretty, exactly when I have a day off from work 🙂 Yesterday, I took the cable car to get some nice photos of Tromsø in the December twilight. The sun doesn’t come above the horizon, but when the sky is clear, the colours are incredible!

The two panoramas below are taken exactly one hour apart: one at 13:00 and one at 14:00. In the earlier one you can see what I call Arctic Light, but which actually has a fancier name: the Belt of Venus, when you get this intense pink band on top of a darker blue one. The dark one is actually the shadow of the Earth 🙂 Just an hour later, the pink has disappeared and we’re in the Blue Hour – my favourite time! I love it when all the twinkly little lights are on, while the sky is still this deep deep blue.

Just before 13:00/1PM, this is about as light as it gets here. The pink band is called the Belt of Venus, with the shadow of the Earth underneath My favourite time of the day, the blue hour: all the twinkly lights are on, but the sky is still a deep blue

I really need days like this, to charge my battery and pinch myself in disbelief of the beauty of Northern Norway! What a city to live in…

The city centre of Tromsø, with behind it the airport and behind that the island Kvaløya Towards the southern tip of Tromsø island, with a nice backdrop of Kvaløya mountains One last photo before I need to warm my hands around a cup of hot chocolate!

After 1.5 hours of taking photos, I was frozen to the core, and I hurried to the cafe to wrap my hands around a hot chocolate 🙂 A perfect day!

(and right now it’s raining… 🙁 I’m so glad I made the most of yesterday!)

4 thoughts on “December Light

  1. Hey Hanneke, WAUW WAUW WAUW wat een geweldige foto’s!
    Groetjes, Sanne in Bodø 🙂

  2. Outstanding – again! Nice to see that all those storms didn’t overwhelmed you. Keep going in taking pictures like this …


  3. Gorgeous photos as always! No sign of winter yet here in England. A few frosty mornings a few weeks ago. Meh. I miss Tromsø. Glad to see you’re making the most of your days off!

  4. Lovely photos!
    It’s very funny the names given for each color of the sky.
    Take care!

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