New Aurora Season

New Aurora Season

The aurora has been back for a while, but I hadn’t seen it yet. Last night I was about to go to bed, when I noticed it had finally cleared up. I could see some weak aurora towards the south, so I decided to go out for some photos. Quite exciting, as this was the first test of my new Canon 6D and my new wide angle lens (Canon 16-35mm f/2.8). It took some frustrating fiddling to get all the settings right (I haven’t taken night photos before with this camera or lens), but I have to say I’m very happy with the results!

It was a magical evening, the fjord was unusually calm which gave great reflections. The aurora was quite active at times, and I love the twilight blue sky (it doesn’t get totally dark here yet, even though these photos are taken between 01:15 and 01:45). A great start to the season 🙂

Aurora reflections This early in the season, it doesn't get completely dark - I love the colours of the sky :)

Green & blue beams above Tromsø island Two hearts :)

View towards Malangen There was some pink/purple aurora too Self portrait with the northern lights

2 thoughts on “New Aurora Season

  1. Just beautiful. It must be a dramatic change from not seeing a dark sky for a few months, and suddenly it gets dark. I know it’s a gradual process, but it must be amazing to see the progress of the lighting conditions over the weeks and months.

    Amazing shots of the aurora too. I will hopefully be going to Iceland in the winter. Hoping to see the aurora there. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ben! It always takes some getting used to, and stumbling in the dark trying to remember where the light switches were 😛 but I love autumn.

      Enjoy Iceland, fingers crossed for some clear skies there!

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