What do you give someone who has everything? My answer to that was a weekend away 🙂 So the weekend after Paul’s birthday, I had reserved Malangshytta through This cabin belongs to the Hunting and Fishing Association, but can be rented by anyone. It’s a wonderful spacious cabin on a lake (Ytre Fiskelausvatnet), quite close to the road but very secluded – we didn’t see anyone for more than a day, even though there are some houses/cabins closeby.

Malangshytta Malangshytta hidden in the forest

Like most Norwegian cabins, there is no electricity, only a primitive outhouse and you have to get your water from the lake. There was no mobile signal here, let alone internet. Our only luxury was an FM radio 🙂 it was wonderful to be away from everything for a while. I’m quite an internet addict, but every once in a while I really enjoy to be cut off 😉

The comfy living room and kitchen One of the 2 bedrooms, you can sleep 8 people in this cabin

We arrived on Friday night, and Saturday was rainy. We didn’t mind, we spent our time drinking tea, eating brownies and other nice food and reading books and magazines. In the evening the weather cleared up, and we went for a short walk along the shore of the lake. Impressive clouds!

Impressive clouds hiding the mountain tops on the other side of the lake

It was surprisingly windy! This caused quite a lot of waves on the lake, and I had fun trying to capture them 🙂

Very windy! Waves crashing on the shore - this one got me and my camera quite wet!

This is the sheltered bay near the cabin. It was so windy even the ferns wouldn’t sit still for a photo…

The beach and sheltered bay near the cabin Pretty path to the cabin, but the ferns wouldn't sit still for the photo!

On Sunday it was very calm, and it was amazing to see the lake completely flat after all the waves the previous day. It was still raining, but when it stopped for a while, we decided to try the boat that comes with the cabin. We briefly tried to use it on Saturday, but the wind and the waves were too strong, and the boat was difficult to row as it didn’t have any rollocks (just loops of string). It was much easier now that the wind and waves were gone 🙂 We rowed over the completely calm lake, and even tried our fishing luck. There are supposed to be Arctic Char and Trout in the lake, but unfortunately the lake lived up to its name 😉 – Ytre Fiskelausvatnet means “Outer Fishless lake”. It started raining heavily when we were on the other side of the lake, and by the time we came back we were completely soaked.

Rowing over a mirror-lake Paul and lots and lots of rain drops ;) We disturbed this black-throated Loon, probably near its nest, as it gave an impressive show of trying to swim with broken wings, to distract us I suppose

Even though the weather was less than ideal, we kind of fell in love with Malangshytta 🙂 We really enjoyed the peace and quiet at this beautiful spot, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be back here!

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  1. Those photos are quite lovely. I’m really starting to miss Norway again.

    Bildene er så deilige! Nå begynner jeg å virkelig savne Norge igjen.

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