USA Adventure Part 5: Little Wild Horse Canyon

USA Adventure Part 5: Little Wild Horse Canyon

After three days in Moab, it was time to move on. We drove about a 100 miles, our final destination that day was Goblin Valley State Park. However, thanks to our hiking book (100 Hikes in Utah by Steve Mann and Rhett Olson, published by Mountaineer Books) we knew there was a slot canyon very close to the state park. Little Wild Horse Canyon (what a poetic name!) was described as perhaps the best easy slot-canyon hike in the Southwest – so we just had to check it out šŸ™‚

From the trailhead parking, you follow a dry river bed for nearly a km, and then the walls start closing in on both side and quite soon you are in a narrow canyon. We had never seen anything like this before, and were very excited šŸ˜€

Getting to the narrow bit of Little Wild Horse Canyon Swiss cheese!

At times the canyon was barely wide enough for your feet, and you just had to hope you weren’t going to meet someone coming from the opposite direction in that section šŸ˜‰ There were quite a few other people doing the same hike.

Here we could see the sky, but most of the time the canyon was too high and narrow for that I felt like quite a model on this hike...

Almost all our photos from the canyon have people in it, as it’s impossible to show the scale and width of the canyon otherwise! You’re basically walking through a narrow riverbed, which at times of flash flooding turns into a wild river. You can see evidence of the water carving the sandstone rocks everywhere, as you zigzag your way up the canyon.

Every time I turned around, I saw this... :D Beautiful patterns

Smile, smile, smile… I was followed by paparazzi šŸ˜€

Hanneke the Explorer ;) And Hanneke the Model :D

Paul even climbed higher up the canyon wall to get photos from above. Luckily he also found some other models in the canyon: lizards šŸ˜€

The photographer even climbed above me to get another photo! Finally, Paul found another model to pester ;)

I had a go at climbing up a bit higher, the canyon walls are sometimes so close together that it’s not that difficult…

Climbing higher up, like a spider :D Another photo from above

At some points the patterns in the wall were changing, and there were so many holes that it looked like Swiss cheese šŸ™‚

Here the patterns on the walls were changing, lots of holes More Swiss cheese ;)

My favourite part of the canyon!

A cairn, in case you lose your way inside the slot canyon :D The most fantastic part of the canyon!

As the light got softer late in the afternoon, I took some more abstract photos of the smooth rock.

Smooth walls We had to zigzag our way through this canyon

We came across these iron oxide balls in the canyon walls. Some were whole, like marbles, and some were broken open and hollow inside. I found out later that these are also known as Moqui Marbles. Moqui is Hopi for “dearly departed ones”. According to legend, the departed ancestors play with the marbles in the evening when they are allowed to visit the earth, and they leave the marbles behind at sunrise to let their relatives know they are happy and well šŸ™‚ Apparently they can also stabalize your energy field when it’s disrupted by for example night shifts, so perhaps I should have brought some home with me šŸ˜€ I wish I had known more about them when while we were there, as there are some places where huge ones lie around on the ground, like in this photo – would have loved to see that!

Iron oxide balls in the canyon wall: these are also called Moqui Marbles A close up of a Moqui Marble

Finally, the canyon opens up again into a wide space. From here, you can climb out the canyon and drop into another slot canyon that brings you back to the parking lot. But as it was getting late, and Paul was suffering from a cold, we walked back the same way – either way, the canyon is so pretty that we didn’t mind backtracking šŸ™‚

Finally the canyon opened up, from here you can either take the long way back through another slot canyon, or backtrack the way you came

What an adventure! We really enjoyed the slot canyon šŸ™‚

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  1. WOW!!! MARVELOUS PHOTOS. Love that redheaded model. The looking up closeup of your girl is a great, Paul. Those red braids are lovely!! Great contrast with that turquoise clothing. Those Moqui Marbles are quite a phenomenon ah? Nature’s creativity with the sandstone formations and colors of the USA Southwest will never cease to surprise me. There are many displays of nature’s accomplishemtns to indulge your eyes and captivate your soul. You can never get tired of admiring the gorgeous vistas. Thank you once more for sharing. Keep it coming!

    1. Thanks Martha šŸ™‚ Utah really is special, so many fantastic and very different landscapes to see. Utah’s glow is helping me through the dark and grey winter here šŸ˜‰

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