Selvskryt is Norwegian for bragging, literally “self-praise”. Something I’d normally try to avoid, but today I’d like to show some things I’m really proud of 🙂

First all all: Turboka. An ambitious (voluntary!) project by Troms Turlag (the local leg of the Norwegian Trekking Association), Ti på Topp (which is run by Troms og Finnmark Bedriftsidrettskrets) and Tromsø Fotoklubb to write a hiking book for day trips around Tromsø. Everyone could send in pictures, and I sent LOTS. It helped that I’ve been very active this summer, climbing 17 out of the 20 Ti på Topp mountains for example. I also went to some places especially for the book, as the photo editor regularly sent me a list of places they needed more photos of. Fun! I almost always take a set of photos from the top of a mountain, to later stitch together as a panorama. These panoramas are now the opening photo (spread over 2 pages) for each chapter in the book! Here is one example…

<img class="aligncenter" src=""

And as if that wasn’t enough honour, they asked me if I could take the cover photo! Wow! This was less than a week before I was leaving to the States, so I kept my fingers crossed the weather would cooperate. Fortunately, I didn’t have to do everything on my own. Pål Jakobsen, the main editor, had arranged models and chosen a location. We woke up to fog on the morning of the shoot, but it disappeared by noon, as forecasted (phew 😉 ). We went up a VERY steep slope on the north side of Tromsdalen, I was so glad that we had a 6 year old with us to keep the pace down 😀 I was nervous, as I don’t normally work with models, and I was so scared to mess up this big assignment 😉 but I am proud to say I pulled it off, and this is the result (click for a larger version):

Turboka - the front cover

(the photo on the far left isn’t mine, and the photo editor (Jens Kristian Nilsen) did all the hard work stitching the panorama!)

The book is in the shops now, and it’s simply fantastic! More than 500 photos from lots of different photographers, and so many amazing trips… I am already makings lists for next summer 😛
Click here to preview several pages in the book.

But that wasn’t all… I also got one of my aurora pictures published in the European Meteorological Calendar for 2013. This calendar is published by the Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellshaft. It’s A3 sized – don’t think I’ve ever seen my photo printed so big! They picked my photo after it came 4th in the European Meteorological Society photo competition earlier this year. You can see more details and a short story about each months’s photo here.

The European Meteorological Calendar My photo for February :)

And there is more… I also got 2 photos in the Tromsø calendar published by Tromsø Fotoklubb 🙂 One of Ian on his way to the toilet on our trip to Nonsbu in crazy weather (one of my most successful photos which won a few competitions, and it was taken with a compact camera through the window of the cabin :D) and a photo of Polaria (the museum in front of Paul’s institute) mirrored in a huge puddle of water.

Tromsø calendar by Tromsø Fotoklubb This photo of Ian on his way to the toilet has become my most successful image :D Polaria, the museum in front of Paul's institute, was mirrored in an enormous puddle of rain/melt water once

I have 5 Tromsø calendars to give away as a thank you to all of you who read this bragging post all the way to the end 😛 Leave me a comment if you’re interested in a Tromsø calendar! If I get more than 5 comments, I’ll do a draw on Monday 12 November 🙂

27 thoughts on “Selvskryt

  1. hallo hanneke ,
    sprakeloos,geweldige foto’s en enorm genieten
    complimenten ,groeten ,gerda

    1. Dankjewel 🙂 voor jou was er al een kalender gereserveerd dus je doet niet mee in de loterij 😛

  2. Congrats on the honour of having your photos published in this way. I knew you had the potential to be a professional photographer. Jeg er veldig stolt av deg, og du er sikkert riktig stolt av deg selv over dette privilegiet. Det er på tide at noen skulle gjenkjenne talentet ditt på en slik måte. Jeg håper at flere av bildene dine blir offentliggjorte.

    Og jeg vil selvsagt gjerne få en kalender, hvis det er nok å dele. 🙂

    1. Tusen takk Ben! Det er veldig artig å se dine egene bilder i kalender og i en bok 🙂

      And congratulations, you’re one of the lucky winners of a calendar 😉 I’ll send you an email to get your address, it will be on the way soon!

  3. Write my name on the biggest paper on the draw this way your fingers can find it easier. Mmmm…in case you do another kind of draw put the best advantage on my entry so I can get it. When you send it, please make sure you put a friendly dedication and your distinguished signature. BTW you need to start developing a trademak signature so you can do it easily, cleary and, of course, uniquely! so that when you publish your photo book you do not get tired of signing books on your tours. Does this long comment qualify me as a winner or should I keep on writing and making it BIGGER? LOL..LOL..LOL…

    1. Hehe Martha! I had to keep it fair and do a draw with equal chances… and unfortunately you didn’t win this time 🙁 But you did already get one of the huge meteorology calendars of which I only had 3 to give away, so I hope that’s a comfort 🙂

  4. Woww, that is cool Hanneke! Congratulations!
    I would love to have a Tromsø calender 🙂

  5. Impressive. I have been hiking a lot this year on the “Ti på topp” routes, and I have noticed your photos from many of the same spots I have been to myself.
    And I have to admit that many of your photos have been very good and better than mine I might add.

    1. Tusen takk Terje! Good to hear you enjoyed Ti på Topp as well 🙂 You’ve won a calendar! I’ll be in touch for your details 🙂

  6. Congratulations … those are all wonderful photographs. Much as I would love a calendar, I’ll save you the overseas postage! :-))

  7. Congratulations from us too! … and my wish comes true.

    I wrote some weeks ago, that your photos are worthy to be published as a calendar.

  8. Muitos parabéns!!! Congratulations!!!

    Gosto muito de ler o teu blog, faz-me viajar virtualmente pelos recantos da Noruega! I love reading your blog, it makes me to travel virtually to the corners of Norway!

    E, com certeza, estou muito interessado num calendário de Tromsø! And, of course, I am very interested in a Tromsø calendar! :-))

    1. Hello Nuno!
      Thanks so much, great to hear you enjoy reading my blog!! I wish I had calendars to give away to all of you, but unfortunately I don’t 🙁 But it was fun to do a give away, so perhaps I’ll do it again soon!

  9. Congratulations from us too!

    … and my wish comes true …

    Notice that few weeks ago I had wrote, that your photos are worthy to be published as calendar.

    Keep going …

    Tom & Hanka

    1. Hello Tom & Hanka!
      Thanks so much, and yes I do remember your comment not so long ago! I didn’t give you more chances for writing 3 comments 😛 but you did win a calendar! I’ll be in touch to get your details 🙂

  10. Congratulations from us too!

    … and my wish comes true …

    Notice that few weeks ago I had wrote, that your photos are worthy to be published as calendar.

    Keep going …

    Tom and Hanka

  11. How could I not put my name in! I love your photos, and I don’t have a calendar for next year either. Great work Hanneke, it deserves a little bragging 🙂

  12. wow, congratulations on all these awesome publications! i’ll have to check out the book next time i’m in the shops, aiming to spend a bit more time in tromso this summer….

    1. Thanks!! Yes, do check it out – and enjoy a long summer here. I like Tromsø best in July, August and September… and judging from your blog post about skiing I think you should also try to spend more time hiking in Tromsø 😛 much easier!

  13. Fantastic photos Hanneke, so glad your photos are getting published and your skills recognised. Paul & Dani.
    PS Auroras have been seen this year from southern Victoria Australia.

    1. Thanks Paul and Dani 🙂 Aurora in Australia, wow! I guess this winter’s (or next?) solar maximum will bring more surprises like that 🙂

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