Evening hike to Fløya

Evening hike to Fløya

On Tuesday the clouds were hanging low, but in the evening it cleared up a bit. I decided to walk up Fløya – I can see the big metal weather vane from my living room 🙂 The weather vane is called Værfløya in Norwegian, I had to idea that’s where the name comes from! I’d been there before, but never walked all the way from the bottom. There is a cable car taking you more than halfway, which is usually way too tempting for me 😉 But this time I walked from the bottom cable car station to the top (640 m) – and to my surprise it only took 1 hour and 40 minutes! It was a nice walk with great views, and I could see our house the entire time 😀

The only way is up... The weather vane at sunset

Just before sunset, the sun briefly came out 🙂 of course I had to take another panorama photo of Tromsø island.

The sun appeared for a brief moment Tromsø island at sunset

On the way back, I stopped at Steinbøhytte, which was completely covered in snow last time we visited. Back then, we were able to peer through the window above the door after a lot of digging – hard to imagine that now 🙂

Steinbøhytte Steinbøhytte on the inside. It's not meant to spend the night, more as a shelter and place to take a break

I have a free entry card for the cable car (thanks to Tromsø photo club), and I allowed myself the luxury of coming down by cable car. There was nobody there, and the cable car came up and down just for me – wow. I almost felt guilty having the free entry card! Here is the map and profile of this short hike.

Route of my hike up to Fløya and back to the cable car station The height profile

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