Cycling Home

Cycling Home

When I’m in the Netherlands, I usually spent some time with my brother and his family. They live in Haarlem, about half an hour by bike from my parents. When the weather is nice, I take the long and scenic route, which takes you along the edge of the dunes all the way. Last week, I brought my camera and took photos along the route 🙂 so come and cycle with me!

In the Netherlands you’ll find cycle paths everywhere. On this route I was usually on a separate cycle path, sometimes even far away from the road. This is something I really miss in Tromsø – in the Netherlands I cycle for fun, while in Tromsø I only cycle to get from A to B. Anyway, after crossing the busy main road around Haarlem, the scenic ride starts here…

Starting the cycle trip on a nice bike path - no cars allowed here Entering the forest

Here I’ve arrived on the grounds of a stately home called Elswout

A field near Elswout The entrance to the grounds of the stately home Elswout

Of course on a Saturday in June, there was a wedding going on…

Everything was so green! Elswout, with a wedding party taking photos in the background

In the other direction you can just about make out the St Bavo church.

St Bavo church in the distance

Further on, there are some pretty little houses along the road. One of them sells eggs and home-made jam with an honesty box. You can also see how many people are cycling – I wasn’t used to it anymore and found it almost frightening 😀 If I stopped anywhere to take a photo, people on bikes would pass me in all directions, some of them irritated that I dare to slow them down – these are mainly the lycra-clad/Tour-de-France-wannabee variety 😉

Cycling on, this house sells eggs and jam Busy cycle path, it was nearly impossible to get a photo without anybody in it!

A small canal, with two boys playing in a rowing boat 🙂

A small canal Two boys playing in a rowing boat

This is the (tiny) main street of Overveen, I continued cycling to Bloemendaal.

Overveen Entering Bloemendaal

The city hall of Bloemendaal and some typical houses further on the same street. Most of the area I cycled through is very affluent, and Bloemendaal is the wealthiest place in the Netherlands. It’s a very pretty area, but the houses costs fortunes 😉

The city hall of Bloemendaal - a very popular place to get married, but personally I think the building style is a bit out of place A typical street in Bloemendaal

Later on, I passed this little tea house near Thijsse’s Hof, a kind of botanical garden named after a famous Dutch botanist – we used to visit here while I was at primary school. The other photo shows a park with deer.

A little tea house A park with deer

Almost home, behind this field the dunes national park starts – a huge area with only cycle/bike/horse paths, taking you all the way to the sea. I used to dream of owning one of these cute little houses in the forest. But small as they are, I am sure they still are above my budget 😉

One of the fields along the road, behind it the dunes national park starts A cute little house in the woods

Hope you enjoyed this guided cycle tour 🙂

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  1. Very nice, I enjoyed the tour. I look forward to my trip home in a couple of weeks. I’m assuming you’ll be back in Tromso between 9-23 July? Otherwise we could catch up…

    1. Hi Suus, yes I am in Tromsø during that time, what a pity – would have been really nice to see you! Have a GREAT time! I miss your blog 🙂

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