Sommarøy Sunset

Sommarøy Sunset

Last week we drove to Sommarøy to take pictures of the sunset. Sommarøy is ideal for this, as it’s located on the outer side of Kvaløya with only open ocean to the west 🙂 We had a really nice evening walking on the beaches…

View towards Håja Paul on the beach at Sommarøy

The beaches at Sommarøy are really pretty, with yellow/white sand Streams on the beach at low tide

I had fun taking photos of the sunset with my neutral gradient filters, and Paul flew his kite for a while – there was just about enough wind. Sunset that day was at 21:18, but it rises again less than 6 hours later (at 4 in the morning). Although it doesn’t really get dark anymore, the sky turns this intense orange near the horizon – so beautiful!

Such a beautiful sky... Paul and his kite, he got some nice photos!

We climbed Ørnfløya just after sunset to get photos of Sommarøy from above. There was a large flock of reindeer on the mountain too.

Sunset at Sommarøy A reindeer silhouetted against the sunset

Reindeer & Håja Sommarøy at sunset... so beautiful!

Panorama of the view from Ørnfløya

I could have stayed there all night, I was hoping the northern lights might make another appearance, but Paul was going on a skiing trip the next day and he was keen to get some sleep 😉 We made it back to Tromsø by midnight, I was tired but very happy 🙂

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  1. Glorrious pics!!!! Thanks for posting. What do those people at the end of the bridge do for a living in that part of the world?!? What it that town called? How many people there? about +or-? How do they put up with the weather during winter? It is beautiful but I do not think I’d like to live there. If anyone from there came to Vegas in the summer they would die!!! The AC has been going on since about 3 weeks ago. We have reached about 103F but officially it has not been over 100. The official temp is taken by the airport, city streets are much hotter. This is the most I have typed since my hand surgery. It is hurting right now, so I’ll quit. Thanks!

  2. Hello Martha,
    Shouldn’t you be resting your hand?? Hope the surgery went well!
    The village is called Sommarøy which means “summer island”. Fishing is important there, but there’s also a hotel, a school, a cafe, a couple of shops… and it’s only an hour’s drive from Tromsø so I guess they could even commute. There’s quite a lot of summer houses there. You can find some statistics here: there it says the population is 230.
    It’s a really beautiful place, but I wouldn’t want to live there either – too far away from Tromsø (or any other bigger town). It doesn’t get very cold there in winter but neither very warm in summer (all moderated by the temperature of the sea), so yes I do think Las Vegas would be a shock for them 😉 103!!!! I think I would melt 😀

  3. So beautiful! Every post of yours I read and every picture I see confirms to me that I was meant to live in northern Norway. The nature, the culture, the lifestyle, it all beckons. Here in England it’s been spring-like for about two months, but I’d gladly give up the early spring for the islands, the mountains, the gradually melting snow and the approaching midnight sun. Og man kan ikke snakke om Norges vakkerheter uten å nevne språket og nordlysene. 🙂

    1. Hei Ben,
      Tusen takk 🙂 Sounds like you’d be the right person to live in the Arctic! I really do hope you get the chance – but looks like you can speak Norwegian, so what’s stopping you? 🙂

  4. Hé Hanneke – hier ook prachtige foto’s weer, vooral jullie tocht naar Inari en deze foto’s van Sommarøy zijn erg mooi! Wat zijn we toch bevoorrecht om hier te mogen wonen! 🙂

  5. What beautiful sunset photos! I love the soft and colorful light! The clouds are magnificent!

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