Krokvatnet and Tomasjordnes

Krokvatnet and Tomasjordnes

Right now the snow (sigh) is falling outside the window, and I long back to the long stretch of sunny days we had for a while. Oh well, at least I have time to catch up with my blog 😉 Here are some photos from an evening trip to Krokvatnet, which is one of the Ti på Topp winter turs this year. We went on ski’s and we were racing against the growing shadows all the way up… eventually we lost 😀

On the way to Krokvatnet, with the top of Tromsdaltinden in the background Reaching our goal: the ti-på-topp turboks

The way up had been quite tiring, but the way down was lots of fun! Nice soft snow, and enough space to make turns. In the “forest” (the trees are tiny) we found a lot of ryper (ptarmigan/grouse). They don’t seem very keen on flying, they run around a lot. Some of them would stand underneath a bush and jump up repeatedly to reach a branch – it was hilarious to watch! I tried to come close to get some photos, but some ninja decided he wanted to be in the photo too and of course scared the bird away…

Paul decided he wanted a photo of him and the rype (ptarmigan/grouse) so he sneaked up like a ninja... which of course made the bird fly away A ptarmigan (or grouse, rype in Norwegian) in a small bush - so well camouflaged!

The sunset was beautiful!

Sunset, this photo was taken at 20:30 Spectacular colours on our way down from Krokvatnet

On our way back we stopped at the supermarket at Tomasjordnes, an area on the mainland with very new apartment blocks. It’s really modern, with houses on poles standing in the water. I’d recently seen someone who live there post photos from his balcony and I was really impressed by the view. So out of curiosity, we decided to walk around and look at the neighborhood. It’s surprisingly nice 🙂

This wreck is quite famous in tromsø :) I have seen many great photos of it, often with lots of cormorants sitting on it. No cormorants today, but a pretty sunset! Living out in the fjord... I envy their views!

And look at the view some people have from their flats… I’m jealous!!

The view from Tomasjordnes towards the bridge and the cathedral, what a view!

It’s really nice that the days are long enough now for after-work trips 🙂 although it does mean that the northern lights season is over for now. But that evening it JUST about got dark enough for the northern lights to be visible… a last farewell 🙂 I took this photo behind our flat, it was nearly 1 in the morning and I should have been in bed as I had a shift starting at 06:30 the next morning… oops 😉

A last farewell to the northern lights season...

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