Northern lights at Håkøya

Last night skies cleared up just in time for a beautiful aurora show. We were getting a bit bored of taking photos from the same jetty every time ;) so we decided to drive to Håkøya, a small island (reachable by bridge) which is only a 25 minutes drive. Eelke and Roy decided to join us too :) The northern lights were bright and active in all directions when we just got there, and as a bonus they were also reflected in the fjord – beautiful!

Northern lights dancing over the bridge to Håkøya Aurora Borealis combined with Aurora Urbanis as Roy calls it... it's the city lights of Tromsø reflected on a cloud

Northern lights and Christmas trees :) The aliens in this photo are some reflections from the bright lights on the bridge

After a while they weakened, but we kept taking photos on the beach where they were reflected in all the pools of water. The tide was coming up fast though, if you weren’t careful suddenly your tripod was standing in the water :D

Northern lights reflected in the rock pools Northern lights seen from Håkøya - what a show!

We stayed out until 01:30, chatting and drinking hot chocolate. There wasn’t much activity anymore, so we decided to go home. Looks like we should have stayed a little longer, as a while later some red aurora showed up. Oh well, you can’t have everything and it’s also good to catch some sleep. I’m sure there’s more to come :)


2 Responses to “Northern lights at Håkøya”

  1. Dina says:

    Stunning pictures!

  2. Dave & Pauline says:

    Hanneke- beautiful pictures as usual, particularly with the reflections. Is there much activity at the moment? Hope Paul and yourself well. Dave & Pauline