Winter is here

Winter is here

Autumn has been unusually warm this year, with lots of rain. Last week temperatures finally dropped and we got almost 15 cm of snow. It only lasted a day though, then we were back to +8 degrees Celsius and rain. A few days later it got colder again, and we had a thin layer of snow followed by a weekend with beautiful crisp and cold weather. So nice! This afternoon we went for a walk around Prestvannet, the lake on top of Tromsø island. We were not alone, it seemed that half of Tromsø was hoping to take a last picture of the sun 😀 Officially, the sun stays below the horizon from the 27th of November, but it’s already hiding behind the mountains from the 22th. Tomorrow is going to be cloudy, so it’s very likely that this was the last glimpse of the sun for a while!

Tromsdalstinden and Prestvannet on a beautiful winter's day Frozen Prestvannet

Paul bought some skates and is keen to use them, so he measured the ice thickness. Not quite enough yet… unless you’re an otter 😉

The ice thickness... not quite enough to go skating! This otter crossed the entire lake and walked up to a group of people standing on a jetty... must have been a very nice photo opportunity!

And there it was, the sun! It was up for 3 hours today 🙂

Goodbye Sun! Frozen grass

You can tell that the children have been waiting for snow for a long time, they are all very keen to go skiing and sledding now, even if there is only just about enough snow for that. Building a snowman is also going to be a challenge, but here someone made 2 miniature ones… cute! 🙂

Two miniature snowmen, so cute!

Unfortunately it looks like the pattern is repeating itself, temperatures are rising tomorrow and on Tuesday we’re expecting +7 degrees and rain 🙁 I hope the snow comes back soon! It makes the dark time a lot lighter by reflecting the little light that we do get.

6 thoughts on “Winter is here

  1. Don’t worry, Hanneke – once the snow is back, it’s back FOR REAL! : ) Thanks for the email. Will be in touch soon!

    1. The 21st of Jan! So you’ll be fine in February, once it’s back we quite quickly go back to “normal” daylight hours. Hope you have a great time here!

  2. Hi Hanneke,

    I’m curious. In Tromso, during winter, will there be days when there is absolutely no sunlight at all?

    Blogger From Singapore…

    1. Hello! For 2 months the sun doesn’t come the horizon, so during this time we don’t see any sunlight. But it’s not completely dark, there are about 4 hours of twilight. When the sky is clear, the colours are so beautiful, but when it’s cloudy it does seem very dark.

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