Summer in Northern Norway

Summer in Northern Norway

After a very rainy and cold period, we were in for a nice surprise. SUMMER!!! With *real* summer temperatures: 23 degrees here in Tromsø. Ohhhh how nice 😀 I tried to make the most of it in between shifts. Yesterday I was able to leave work a bit earlier, and we drove to Sommarøy to have a bbq on the beach. We were meeting a few colleagues of Paul, which was a bit challenging as the mobile network was down so we had to try and guess where they would be… but who cares with views like this? 🙂

Fjord reflections Sandneshamn, an idyllic beach on the way to Sommarøy

We had a very nice bbq in the sunshine (our second one in two days :D). I had borrowed a canoe from work, which was the kind you have to put together yourself. I had been warned it was difficult, but gjeezzzzz… we spent several hours trying to put it together and in the end had to give up. So frustrating when the view is like this and you have a half assembled canoe on the beach…

The midnight sun seen from a beach near Sommarøy

Oh well, the trip was still worth it, absolutely beautiful out there! Now I’m back at work, even though it’s a bank holiday weekend for most people. Not fair, especially with this weather 😉 But I can’t complain, I have 5 days off next week and we’re going on a nice trip 🙂 More later!

6 thoughts on “Summer in Northern Norway

  1. Så utrolig vakre bilder! Such beautiful views! 8-D Wow I’m jealous! And 23 degrees? That’s hotter than it’s been here in southern England. We’ve been having damp and rainy days with 14-18C for the last few weeks. Send some of that summer weather down here!

    Enjoy it while it lasts. Damn those scenic photos are sweet! I hope you enjoy your break from work. Please keep us posted. 😉

    1. Tusen takk! Yeah for once we have better weather than a lot of places in Europe :P. We’re flying to Stockholm tomorrow, I’d almost rather stay here with this beautiful weather! Let’s hope it lasts a while longer 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I, too, am enjoying summer in the arctic! I just wish the mosquitoes would enjoy it elsewhere. Are the mosquitoes bad there?

    I hope you get frequent breaks from work to enjoy this time of year!

    1. Thanks, Susan! We do have mosquitos, but out on the coast they are not too bad. If you go further inland, they can get as annoying as in Alaska!

      Enjoy your summer!

  3. Hanneke-glad all well with you.Lovely pictures as usual and glad you saw the eclipse. Makes it more interesting for us now knowing we have been up the cable car and stood at the top.
    Hope you have a good summer and have time off to enjoy it. Weather’s been dry here but still a bit chilly for June.
    Take care – Dave

    1. Thanks Dave! Hope you and Pauline are doing fine too 🙂 You’ll have to visit Norway in summer once too, it’s wonderful! Take care.

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