This weekend the weather in Tromsø was perfect for skiing. On Friday night we got about 25 cm of fresh snow and for the rest of the weekend had clear blue skies. I decided to ski up Ullstinden, a mountain about 1000 m high on the the mainland about 45 minutes drive from Tromsø. Ullstind roughly translates to the wool mountain, which is a good description. Ullstinden is easy to climb, faces into the afternoon sun, frequently has good snow conditions and is usually very safe from an avalanche perspective.

The Moon Above Ullstinden Looking southwest towards Kvaløya from half way up Ullstinden

About two thirds of the way up Ullstinden splits into two peaks with a sort of valley between them. The valley floor affords good views of the Lyngen Alps to the North. Many of the Lyngen Alps are too tough for my level of skiing, but some of them are quite easy. Although the area is very exciting I have never yet skied there because I don’t like the prospect of having to be back before the last ferry. This is one place I would love to see a new tunnel built!

Looking northeast towards the Lyngen Alps The moon over the Lyngen Alps

Somewhere between the valley and the top the sun began to set, but there was still plenty of light to ski by.

Sunset on Ullstinden Close to the top tracks left by different skiers start to converge on the summit.

The snow at the top of Ullstinden was drier and more powdery than further down, but not so deep or powdery that it was hard to climb up though.

Almost there.. just one more photo of Lyngen This is as close I got to a self-portrait as it was too windy to faff about balancing the camera on something ;-)

I didn’t spend very long on the top as it was quite windy and I wanted to ski down while there was some daylight as well as moonlight. While the view from the top is very nice, it’s not all that different to the view from two thirds of the way up.

Small cornice just below the summit Some nice untracked snow... but not for very long ;-)

Skiing down into the sunset was really nice. The snow was more or less as purple as it looks in the photos and the nice gentle slope provided an lazy cruise back to the car.

Powdery purpleness

I hope these conditions last for a while!

PS: Thanks to Hanneke for sorting all out my pictures while I sat on the sofa 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ullstinden

  1. Paul, you outdid yourself in the photo taking on this outing. Thank you for sharing.
    The photo of the moon above Ullstinden is just a perfect view of the beauty in the stillness of nature. The bright snowy tip and the moon’s face peeking from the invisible darkness inspire a sense of wholeness in silent peace. The blues of the earth and sky are so gently marked…just beautiful. The northeast to view of the Lyngen Alps is just majestic…lovely majestic.

    That climb to the summit looks awful steep. I am glad you did not slide down while you stopped to take the photo. I found your ‘almost self-portrait’ a cute and funny touch of creativity. Too bad you could not include your shadow on it.

    The panoramic from the summit is just breathtaking. A view totally worth the work of the climb. It is not difficult to imagine the 160 degree view you were able to admire. Well done! Thank you for the tour. I am going to sleep thinking that I am floating softly down the powdery purpleness to sweet dreams.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Norway from up high is always spectacular. You know, I have never skied before in my life…lol. Not even in Norway. Australia doesn’t really have a large skiing opportunity and since in Norway I’ve always been in and between babies. But there is always a ‘this year’ ;). I think first I’ll try long distance – we have a track through our farm. I’d love to do downhill (especially to take pictures) but I’m a little scared of heights…lol. I think I’ll just have to come over to your blog and see your pics 😉


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