It’s been blowing a gale this weekend, which prevented us from going up any mountains. It’s also quite cold (for Tromsø), -8 °C which makes it feel really cold with the added windchill. We wanted some fresh air anyway, so we went snowshoeing in the valley next to Blåmann, called Blåmannsvikdalen. It’s a very narrow valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. Luckily, the valley was quite sheltered from the wind.

The entrance to Blåmannsvikdalen, with Blåmann on the right and Buren on the left Paul in the valley

This cabin was near the parking place, they built it so close to the edge of the water!

A cabin at dusk. The long exposure (13 sec) makes the water smooth, and you can also see movement in the tree :)

Hopefully the weather will improve soon. We’ve hardly seen the sun in the past week! The week before that, we soaked up some extra sunshine though, while skiing in the French Alps. Photos of that are coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Blåmannsvikdalen

  1. Skiing in France last week? The Netherlands a few weeks ago? You get around a lot! 😀

    We’ve had some strong wind here too this last week, but apart from that it’s been very warm (for England) with temperatures around 10-12C. I hope we have a bit more winter soon!

    Lovely photos, especially the one of the precariously placed cabin. 😉

  2. Awesome pictures, missed your posts, glad you’re back 😉

  3. I am so happy I have come across your blog! Looking forward to reading about your life in my favourite part of the world – Northern Norway. You are very lucky to be able to move there : ) I’m staying tuned!

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