Autumn Mist

Autumn Mist

This morning when I opened the blinds – still half asleep – I noticed fog over the fjord. The sun was shining, which made the fog look very bright white. So pretty! I grabbed my camera bag and an apple for breakfast, and went out to take photos. Early morning mist is quite common on clear days, especially in autumn, but it tends to disappear quickly when the sun is strong enough to burn it away. It was 11 when I got up (my daily rhythm still disturbed by yesterday’s night shift) so I knew it probably wouldn’t last much longer.

These photos are taken at Telegrafbukta, this is the jetty that I took the northern lights photos from two weeks ago.  The second photo is zoomed out so you can see the blue sky above the mist. I think the bright area would form a fog bow (rainbow without colours) if there had been enough fog.

Jetty at Telegrafbukta in the mist Above the mist the sky was blue. It looks like there's a vague partial fog bow visible (a colourless rainbow visible in fog)

I watched some ships looming out of the mist – an impressive sight. All around Telegrafbukta, there were groups of students (from a high school I think) doing some kind of project about marine life.  They also seemed to use the boat in the second photo, it came to the jetty a few times. How cool is that!

Ship appearing out of the mist I believe this ship was used by the high school students for their project - how cool is that!

The autumn colours are beautiful at the moment! When the sun comes out and the sky is blue, it just looks so pretty 🙂

Autumn colours at Telegrafbukta

The mist started to disappear, in the photo below you can see there are only a few patches remaining. There were several people walking around, taking photos. I talked to one guy who showed me his photos from earlier this morning…  he made me very jealous 😀 The mist had been denser then, and he took beautiful photos of the bridge and the city centre. I should get up earlier next time!

Here the mist has almost disappeared, just a few patches remaining Beautiful autumn colours!

I thought about going to one of the bridges, or up Fjellheisen, but the mist had completely disappeared by then. Instead I drove to Prestvannet, the lake on top of Tromsø island. On sunny days it’s not very difficult to take nice photos there 🙂 with Tromsdalstinden reflected in the lake and the colourful trees.

View of Tromsdalstinden from Prestvannet Feeding the ducks

What a beautiful morning! It was great to be out and take photos again. Can you believe I haven’t taken any photos since the northern light photos 2 weeks ago? It was a very busy time, I’ve been working a lot and Paul was getting ready for his annual research cruise. He’s the cruise leader this year which meant he had lots of organisational things to take care of. He flew to Longyearbyen to board the ship there, but he’ll come back to Tromsø by ship at the end of this month.

Tonight my brother and his girlfriend are arriving in Tromsø, it looks like they’re going to be extremely lucky with the weather – we’re supposed to have sunshine until Sunday. Perfect! I have two days off, so we’re planning to go hiking and stay in one of the mountain huts. I’m really looking forward 🙂 I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll also see the northern lights 😀

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  1. Congratulations the are very nice! A window to the beautiful norway,that I hope to visit some day. 🙂

  2. Your blogs and photos call to me “Beeeeen! Come back to Nooooooorway!” 😀

  3. For the first time I realized, that I was waiting for your post. Thank you for shering norwegian beauty 🙂

  4. I love the photos as usual. Paul must be quite busy as leader this year!! Enjoy your brother’s visit!!! 🙂

  5. Thanks everybody! Autumn is such a beautiful season, especially when the sun is out 😀 We’re very lucky this year, from previous autumns I mostly remember a LOT of rain 😉

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