After a very rainy Saturday, we were craving some fresh air on Sunday, and we went for a walk with Sevim. The mørketid, or dark time, has now begun – the sun doesn’t come above the mountains anymore. By Friday, it won’t come above the horizon at all. In the weather forecast, a cloudless day is indicated by this symbol:

Anyway, we went for a walk along the coast. It was cloudy and windy, but quite warm. We found a lighthouse with a ladder leading up… without any DO NOT signs, we couldn’t resist climbing up! The photo on the right (below) is taken through the top bit and you can see the large lens on the left.

We enjoyed the views from up there for a while! In the photo on the right you can see Paul climbing down. It’s not a very large lighthouse, but it was a fun visit 🙂

Last week, when the weather was frosty and clear, we missed out on some great aurora shows. I was simply too tired after work to go out and look for the lights! Sunday night it cleared up, and Paul decided to drive to a dark place to go for a walk and see if he could get some pictures. The aurora wasn’t very active, but it was continuously visible low on the horizon, and he did come back with some nice photos:

Too bad I had to miss out… but that’s the disadvantage of having a job which is not as flexible with working hours. I really enjoyed my first week at work though, I’m learning a lot and I really like it. Anyway… it’s definitely bedtime for me now!

6 thoughts on “Mørketid

  1. Vakre nordlysbilder! 🙂

    Hvem er den midt i bildet tromso_22nov09_03.jpg med kameraet?

  2. Takk! Vi har hatt mye nordlys sisten uke 🙂 Paul har flere vakre bilder.

    Det er Sevim, også en meteorolog på met.no!

  3. Hi Hanneke,

    I think your blog is so cool! I thought you may like a project we launched today- I did try to find an email address to send this to but couldn't find it!

    So, we've launched a new project in which you can Create Your Own Northern Lights! Since you're now a "native", we hope you enjoy it 🙂

    Visit here, http://www.visitnorway.com/mynorthernlights

    I'd love to see what yours come out like!

    Hope you like it,

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi Laura,

    Thanks! 🙂 I have now added an email address as a way to contact me, but either way I am sure other people enjoy the link to the northern lights creator too! I really like it, great website 🙂

  5. Hi Hanneke,

    Mørketid… I don't envy you that one I must say. It's bad enough where we are in southern Norway with the sun disappearing at 4pm this time of year. But the Northern Lights… now that must be quite something! I would sooooooo love to see them! This Create Your Own Northern Lights thingy sounds fun, I'll definitely give it a go. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Hi Marie,

    Yeah to be honest I wouldn't mind a bit more daylight either 😉 but it does have its beautiful sides too.

    You should come and visit northern Norway to see the northern lights! The "create your own northern lights" gadget is fun, but of course the real thing is even better 😉

    I just had a look at your website – very nice!! I'll come back to learn more about your bit of Norway!

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