Spring Bike Ride

Spring is finally coming to Tromsø! Last week the temperatures stayed above zero during the day and during the night, and the snow is quickly melting away. It takes a while to melt away a metre of snow, so there’s still plenty left, but the roads are all free of snow and ice now. 

I haven’t used my bike at all this winter, so it still had the summer tyres on. But that’s not a problem anymore :) The weather hasn’t been great, but we decided to go for a bike ride anyway. We cycled all the way to Kaldfjord and back, 30 km in total. Quite tiring, especially going over the top of Tromsø island, and crossing the bridge to Kvaløya. We had a break at a very scenic spot, not for very long though as at +3°C and lots of wind it wasn’t exactly warm! The last photo is taken from the top of the bridge, it’s very high!

That’s all for now, time for a well-deserved pizza :-)

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